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Rush of Confidence


If I had been asked a month ago where I thought I would be today, I could not have told you that I would be in Jamaica with 39 beautiful women for a calendar shoot. Upon our arrival in Jamaica last week, beautiful scenery and friendly people greeted us; I know that I was not the only rookie to be completely blown away by the beauty of this island.

My shoot began early the next morning with four other girls at 3:15 a.m. Walking downstairs for hair and makeup, I could still hear the music playing outside for the hotel for guests who were still awake. No time to waste, though. Had to catch the morning light!

This had been my first photo shoot I had ever done, so I showed up a little early (I hate feeling rushed). After arriving at hair and makeup, it wasn't long before the team was on the roll. Hairspray everywhere, and makeup being passed back and forth until myself and my new teammates were all ready to go. I couldn't believe I was the girl looking back when I stopped to check out the final product in a hallway mirror; my hair was full of wild waves, and my make up made me feel like I was a movie star ready to roll up for a red carpet event. I felt an overwhelming rush of confidence then as we strolled across the hotel golf course to our location.

We shot at a beautiful ruined archway on the property of the hotel; we got there just as the sun was coming up so the light was perfect to my armature eye. When it was my turn to shoot, all of the nerves I had built up disappeared.

Our photographer, Joey Wright, was so professional and knew exactly how I needed to be posed and how I should look, which was such a relief considering this was the first time I had ever done anything like this. I stood in a sort of doorway that had once long ago been a wall, clad in my brown bikini, I took direction from Joey, and with a pout and a squint, we had gotten what he needed in no time.

When I saw the pictures taken, I was shocked to learn the girl was still me. They are beautiful, I feel like I will always be able to proudly look back at these pictures and know that I looked and felt so good about myself. The spinergy (positive spirit and energy) I felt from my supportive coaches, teammates, and hair and makeup crew can only add to the positive experience I had that morning, I walked back to the hotel feeling pretty accomplished for 8 a.m.

I know this is just the first of many incredible experiences I will have and share with these incredible women my rookie year.

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