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Running Backs Speak At The Combine


The running backs came through the media room on Friday, two days before they hit the field to be measured and timed in workouts. Many of the running backs intereviewed were asked about the evolving role of their position in the NFL. Here's a taste of what they said:

  • Wisconsin RB Montee Ball on what he brings to the team that drafts him: "Accountability, durability and consistent. I'm extremely consistent. You can count on me when I have the ball in my hands — 924 carries, only two fumbles. So I do a great job of protecting the football. I score touchdowns. You can count on me to make the play and be there for you."
  • North Carolina RB Giovani Bernard on his playing style being similar to New Orleans' Darren Sproles: "I try not replicate my game after one guy. Darren Sproles, he's a quick guy. He's able to be shifty. I try to take that and add that to my own game. You've got a guy like Adrian Peterson, a hard-nosed running back that's going to churn out the yards. I try to add that to my game. You've got Ray Rice out the backfield catching the ball. You really try to be that versatile player that teams need you to be."
  • Arkansas RB Knile Davis on preparing for the NFL as an SEC back: "I think the SEC is like the closest thing you can get to the NFL. That's the reason I chose to Arkansas because it was in the SEC and you have high-level competition every week. That's something I definitely gained from."
  • Alabama RB Eddie Lacy on his preparation for the NFL under Alabama head coach Nick Saban: "Just his whole coaching philosophy. I mean, coming in as a freshman, you think it's hard. All he's doing is preparing you for days like today and whatever your future may hold."
  • South Carolina RB Marcus Lattimore on his comparison to San Francisco RB Frank Gore: "I feel like we both run hard. He runs like nobody's there. He runs with total destruction. I feel like if I could compare my game to anybody, it would be Frank Gore. He's got low pads, he's got great vision, he can see the whole field. Great balance."
  • Clemson RB Andre Ellington on how he sees his game in the NFL: "I'm capable of being an every down guy. Not the biggest guy, but I can do some of the things some of the biggest guys can do, if not better. I can play first down throughout third, or go in there on a 4th-and-1, squeeze through a hole and make a first down."
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