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Rodgers Is As Sure as it Gets


I've always got to give it up to my good friend Dave Choate and his crew over at The Falcoholic. They've always got interesting information running through the pipes, and I'd be remiss if I didn't feature this particular nugget posted Tuesday.

In their regular occurring feature TWESTOTE of the Day (Don't ask what that is, because I'm not too sure myself, but I imagine it's hilarious), writer James Rael points out an interesting stat Oregon State and new Falcons running back racked up during his college career.

I'm not sure "racked up" is the proper term to use when there was only one that was actually amassed, but that's the number of fumbles Rodgers had during his time at Oregon State.

One fumble. That's it. He'll fit right in with Falcons running back Michael Turner who has a reputation for hanging on to the football at all costs.

Rael writes:

"He only fumbled once in college, during the 2009 Las Vegas Bowl versus BYU, and some even question whether he really fumbled then (it was arguably a forward pass that landed on his feet). Remember: he logged nearly 800 carries and 151 receptions at Oregon State."

A highly impressive figure when taking into account the number of touches Rodgers was getting with the Beavers. And, really, as Rael noted, you can pretty much toss out that one "fumble" credited to Rodgers when looking at the circumstances.

So, you can likely expect Rodgers to bring the skill of hanging on to the rock to the NFL.

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