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Rison vs. Van Note


The Fans' Favorite Falcon series, presented by Ford, rolls on with our next matchup.

How do you decide between No. 5 Andre Rison vs. No. 12 Jeff Van Note?

Andre Rison

Andre Rison wasn't an exclusive personality to the Falcons. He played with seven different franchises during his career, but the most with the Falcons between 1990-1994. Falcons fans will remember those years as his best. The personality-driven wide receiver was a four-time Pro Bowler for the Falcons. Rison spent his first season with the Indianapolis Colts before being involved in a blockbuster trade that brought him to Atlanta and sent the No. 1 overall pick in 1990 to Indy. Rison quickly became a star on the field with great production, but earned favor with the fans for how he played the game and his fun-loving attitude.

Jeff Van Note

If you think of the word "longevity," Jeff Van Note's face should pop up in your mind. The Falcons Ring of Honor member played an unheard-of 18 seasons, all with the Falcons. He is second in the Falcons record books with 246 games played and 225 games started. With six Pro Bowl appearances in those 18 seasons, Van Note is the definition of a Falcons legend. Van Note was originally drafted to play linebacker, but then-head coach Norm Van Brocklin shifted Van Note to center, where he earned the starting spot in 1970 — and never gave it up until his final year in 1986.

The Matchup

The rankings for this matchup could have gone either way. In the end, the edge went to the skill-position player since they tend to get more fan adoration than linemen. But you now have the chance to put this one to rest once and for all. Who gets your edge? The flashy wide receiver who wore red and black for five seasons, or the gritty, tough center who was the anchor of the offensive line through several different eras? This is also a classic clash of Falcons fans from the '60s, '70s and 80's vs. Falcons fans who have adopted red and black during the past 20 years or so. It's difficult to give an edge either way. Rison played in a different era, the television era, and he knew how to work it to his advantage. Van Note was always a well-respected player, but his face wasn't a common one on television sets. So, do you go for flash over longevity? Or do you opt for consistency over awe?

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