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Reid on WR Jones: 'You Hope He Misses The Bus'

Head coach Andy Reid

On the Falcons offense:
"Explosive, in all phases. They're doing a nice job."

On how to cover Julio Jones:
"You hope he misses the bus. He's a good player. He's going to make some plays He's a great player, but you have to try to minimize him."

On the progress Atlanta's young defense has made:
"The defense is – I think they've gotten better every week. They play fast, and they'll attack you. They'll hit you."

Safety Eric Berry

On the challenges Atlanta's offense presents:
"Man, they just go and run their offense with purpose. They're not just out there running plays. They have a specific plan, and they know they're a good offense, and they run their plays as if they're a good offense. They're very confident in what they do, and that's player to player, and that's overall as well. And they compete very well. So we have a challenge."

On how to deal with the Falcons' balanced attack:
"You just read your keys and pay attention to what's going on. And, just like I said, just keep stacking good plays, try to get as much effort in, as much focus on each play and go about it in that manner."

On what needs to be done to contain a fast, shifty receiver like Taylor Gabriel:
"Everybody just has to get to the ball. He's a good player. He's a speeder, he's a speedy receiver that has some good moves. So it's going to take more than one person to bring him do, so everyone just has to get to the ball."

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