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Quotable: Wednesday Open Locker Room


Q: What have you seen on film that the Giants defense?
A: "They're not on the field for a long time. Their offense is ball hogging the ball and they're eating up a lot of clock. So they don't spend a lot of time on the field and they're getting off the field on third downs. We just have to keep them out there a little bit longer and convert on third downs. Hopefully we will continue to move the chains and that will help us out."

Q: Considering that Turner is out for a little bit is it important for the wide receivers to step up and help Matt out?
A: "We've got to hold on to the ball. Every time that it's thrown to us we've got to catch it. Yards after catch are going to be a big thing for us this week and we've got to get a lot of that to make up if Mike doesn't play. We've got to execute our side and run our routes at the right depths so he can get the ball out of his hand quick and we can make plays."

Q: Is this kind of like a mini playoff game with two NFC teams with the same record at five and four?
A: "Yes this is a mini playoff game especially for us. We've got to go out there and get a win to stay in the hunt for the playoffs. We have to go up there and play hard and let it play out."

Jason Snelling

Q: How does it feel to have you as a focus in the game plan?
A: "It feels good. My team's counting on me to step up and make plays from the tailback position and that's what I intend to do."

Q: You said your approach hasn't changed, but is your approach that you're going to start?
A: "Yes my approach is that I'm going to be coming in and starting the game. That's the mindset I have to have to be successful this week."

Q: How much does it help that you had significant playing time last week?
A: "It definitely was a change in rhythm taking as many plays last week. I think it definitely helped getting that many plays and knowing what I expect out there so it definitely helped."

Q: Will we see more wildcat?
A: "I don't know we'll see."

Q: Do you think the swagger on the team is still around?
A: "Definitely, it is all around. This team has a lot of resolve. We didn't get where we were last year and this year by letting a little adversity keeping us down. The team is still high and we know that it's a long season. We've got a lot of games to play."

Q: Are you approaching the game like you have in previous weeks?
A: "I approach the game like I am going in there and could be the starter at any moment, so it's nothing different from me."

Q: Last weeks reps help you for this week?
A: "It definitely helps me."

Q: What do you think about the Giants defense?
A: "Those guys fly around the football. They take pride in their defense and they're a very physical team and we are too. It's going to be a good matchup."

Mike Peterson

Q: Does this team still have swagger?
A: "This team? Of course, come on man. It's a long season. We are just going to keep grinding it out and keep playing football. After 16 week we'll see where we're at."

Q: What's the difference between the streak you've got going now and the streak at the beginning of the year?A: "I don't want to get into the difference between this streak. We're coming off a loss. The job is to get back on the winning track."

Q: You're facing another team that is coming off a bye-week. You've got a lot of that this year.
A: "The league sets the schedule up and it's our job to play it. We don't gripe about it we just go out and play. It's unfortunate that we're matched up against a lot of teams that are coming off a bye but it is what it is."

Q: What's difficult about facing Eli Manning?
A: "I think he's a smart guy. He's not all too agile or too mobile in the pocket but he's a smart guy. It's always hard playing against a guy who is smart and knows where to go with the ball."

Q: Is it a daunting task to go up against a running back like Brandon Jacobs?
A: "To me, personally I am excited about it. I like facing guys who are supposedly the best backs on supposedly a running team. As a linebacker speaking I'm excited about it."

Q: You say supposedly. But, is he one of the best backs that you will face?
A: "Probably so. I tip my hat to him. I give respect when it's due, but it's not going to change my game. When you're going up against the best you expect to play your best. That's the way that I approach it."

Q: You said it's a 16 game season so do you look at this like a must win situation for you guys?A: "Every game is a must win. Last week was a must. If we would've won last week we wouldn't be in the position that we're in now. I approach every game as a must win."

Q: This team has an identical record to yours and could factor in after 16 games.
A: "Yes it can. These are the types of games you look at after that 16 game and say we're glad we won that game or we needed that game. I just keep my head down and keep grinding and try to pile as many wins as I can back to back."

Q: Have you seen any differences in the way the Giants are playing with their recent streak of losing four straight?
A: "Not really. Probably not making as many plays as they were which is natural. I think that the game plan is still the same. They're still doing the same thing. I'm sure that they're going to be excited about getting things turned around, likewise in this locker room."

Michael Turner

Q: Are you optimistic that you're going to play?
A: "I don't know. It's only Wednesday. We've still got time and we'll know as the week goes on."

Q: How are you feeling?
A: "I'm feeling pretty good, just a little stiff here and there. Loosing it up and rehabbing and try to do everything I can to get back as soon as possible."

Q: Did you know it was bad when you went down?
A: "Not really because I got up and walked off the field. I was walking up and down the sidelines for a minute and it was getting little worse and worse. We had to go take a look at it and there you have it."

Q: Is that the most frustrating thing because rest and ice are the best medicines?
A: "Right you don't want to rush it. You want to give it rest, time to heal back up and get stronger. But, at the same time you still have to work it to get back as soon as possible. You can't let it to stiffen up and not be able to move it at all. It's kind of a difficult thing to deal with."

Q: Injuries are never good timing, but could there be a worse timing for this team knowing that they need you because the situation that you're in right now?
A: "We want everybody on this team, not just me or anybody else; we want our full roster for every game. Every game is important and every win is important. Guys have got to step up if I'm not able to play and just go out there and fight hard."

Q: If you can't go how confident are you on Snelling and Norwood?
A: "I'm very confident in those guys. They've been showing you all year what kind of plays they can make, but like I said we wish we had everybody."

Q: Does your history make you optimistic about what has happened?
A: "Yeah I have never been out six weeks with an ankle sprain. I don't plan on it being that long. I am trying to get back as soon as I can. Get out there and ready to play."

Q: Can you compare this ankle injury to before?
A: "No it's been a while. I can't remember how it goes. I just know that I've got to fight hard, work at it, rehab and get back on the field as soon as I can."

Q: What does the rehab consist of?
A: "It's icing. Doing stretches with it. Does some manual lifts with it. Constantly working it and moving it. Putting it in the hot tub a little bit, just doing all types of things to get the strength back into it before I start running and things like that."

Matt Ryan

Q: What have you seen from the Giants from when they were 5-0 to now this 0-4 streak? Is there anything specifically that you can see they've done right or wrong?
A: "No. They've been in some close games and that's the way of this league. You're going to be in some tight games. Defensively they've play well. They've got a good front four. They get good pass rush and are good against the run. They've got some physical linebackers and young players who have stepped up and made some plays in the secondary."

Q: It seems like some teams have taken advantage of injuries in their secondary.A: "They've had some guys nicked up this year, but really when you break it down and watch it on tape they do such a good job with their pass rush and covering that guys have made plays. That's going to be the opportunities that you get when you have some one-on-one coverage."

Q: How crushing is it a blow if Michael Turner cannot go?
A: "Well certainly we would love to have Mike go. Everybody knows what he means to this team, but we've had some guys step up at the running back position. Jason Snelling has come in in a number of different roles for us this year. Really in a number of different games too and has played well, moved the ball for us running and had caught the ball out of the backfield. Jerious has been out for a while but hopefully he can get healthy and maybe play this week. Aaron Stecker has done a good job since he's been in here as well. We feel like we've got some good guys behind us. Plus, we feel like we've got a good offensive line and some guys that can open up some holes and the guys that we have able to play will do a good job."

Q: How critical is it for you guys to win this game?
A: "It's important, but we don't view it any differently than we do every week in that it's the next one on our schedule, it's an NFC opponent which is always important and it's in the month of November. We've got to prepare well and do everything we can to give ourselves a chance on Sunday and if we do that we feel like we will like the outcome."

Q: What do you respect of Eli Manning's game?
A: "The fact that he wins and he does it different ways. Some weeks it's handing off and letting the run game go. Some weeks it's throwing it all over the place. But, he seems to make plays at the end of games when you need to make plays to win and I certainly respect that about him."

Q: Do you feel like you and Eli have had similar seasons?
A: "I haven't seen their offense play too much this year, but from what I understand I think he's played pretty well."

Q: How do you put the interceptions out of your mind?
A: "You just have to keep plugging away. As a quarterback you're going to make mistakes. You have to learn from those mistakes and make the adjustments during the course of the week. The beauty of the NFL is it's a long season. You have an opportunity to get back out there this week, play again, make the adjustments and hopefully make the plays when the opportunities present themselves."

Tony Gonzalez

Q: Does this team still have swagger?
A: "Yeah I think so. I have been reading a little bit of the papers, not too much of it and seeing what's going on on TV, the stuff that they're saying, but I think we're going to be fine. I think across the board we've got a great opportunity this week to go out and play a really good football team and hopefully win. Then start rolling. Then after that we've got the three games at home. So we're in a good situation we have to just go out there and take care of business this week."

Q: With both teams being 5-4 and in the NFC is this game a must win?
A: "I never want to call it a must win because we've still got a lot of football left. It's one of those things that it would be better to win than it would be to lose it. Obviously losing it would hurt us. But, at the same time it wouldn't mean that the season is over. Just like it doesn't mean that the season is over for them if they end up losing. It's going to be a competitive game and I think both teams realize the importance of it and hopefully we can come out on top."

Q: Matt Ryan has had a tough stretch but it doesn't seem like Matt or anyone in the locker room is dwelling on that.A: "No, not at all. Matt's going to be fine, he will be fine. He works to hard and prepares to well in order not to be successful. He just has to keep doing what he's been doing and I think things will take care of themselves. We'll get through this and we will be fine."

Q: What have you seen from the Giants from when they were 5-0 to now this 0-4 streak?
A: "Defensively they're number one in the NFL in ranked defense. I think a lot of it has to do with their offense controlling the ball. I think that they're averaging 34 minutes of controlling the ball and that makes it a lot easier on their defense. Hopefully we can turn the tables and keep the ball a while and help our defense out. They've been playing great ball and they deserve it. So hopefully we can hold on to the ball and put some points on the board and win this game."

Q: Talk about your team not being full strength and having to face the Giants.
A: "It's going to be a tough challenge, there's no doubt about that, especially with Tuck and Osi. It's going to be tough. But, at the same time I think we are up to the challenge and we have some good players on our side of the ball as well. We can move the ball pretty well against some good defenses. We've done that already this year. Hopefully that carries over to this game and we can go out there and be successful."

Q: You're facing another team that is coming off a bye-week. You've got a lot of that this year.
A: "Yeah we can sit here and say it's not fair and complain about it, but that's what the scheduling people thought was best. So we'll deal with it. Its football we've got to go out there and play. It doesn't matter to me. Once you get out on that field you go one-hundred percent and may the best team win."

Q: Have you ever played up there where it's real windy? How does that affect the passing game?
A: "Yeah I have. Anytime it's windy I don't care where you're at, if it's windy it throws it off a little bit. You've got to concentrate on the ball a little bit more. Hopefully it's not windy. Is it supposed to be windy? If it is we'll deal with it, adapt and make some plays."

Q: Are you surprise with the road woes of this team?
A: "We've gone against some really good teams on the road. It's not like we're playing against chumps. We're playing against some really good teams and I like they way we've played. We just haven't pulled it out. I think that once we start making those plays that the opposing teams are making when they have to; because I feel like we're in a lot of these games and maybe we should've won it. But, one play here or there the other team stepped up and you've got to give them credit. They stepped up and made that play and that's what we've got to do. We've got to step up and make those plays."

Q: Is it just a coincidence that this team has struggled on the road and you haven't scored a touchdown on the road?
A: "I didn't even know that until just now. I think offensively we've been ebb and flow. It's one of those things we've got to have more consistency in and I think it'll come."

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