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Quotable: Washington Redskins


Q: Based on play calling and routes, did you get more involved in the second half?
A:* *"Really we got involved at halftime. They ended up having a little bit of pride in what they were doing. We were sacked those five times and it was just us playing that we didn't get beat. It was the whole protection group, not just the offensive line. Everybody took shots. I think in the second half, you saw our run game take off. I think that is what really sparked us. When the run game started to be effective, the mix of the passes was good. Its execution, plain as day, and we'll be able to see that on the video between the first half and the second half. The thing that I was impressed with, remember we lost, I get that, but the thing that was impressive was the fight that the Redskins football team has. They came out and battled. We dug ourselves a hole that was hard to get out of, and it irritates me because the first half, on offense, could have been just like the second half. It wasn't and that's the reality of it. Every game has been different and this one was horrible up until the end of the first half."

Q: The game started on an off-sides penalty, there was an off-sides on fourth and one, how do you feel about the discipline?A: "This is a very emotional game. We can handle an off-side. It was the first play of the game; I don't think it was significant in any way of the entire football game. We had an incident on the sideline where we had a player hit the quarterback late, and it got a little bit emotional. It's an emotional game. I thought that everybody kept it together. I thought the officials handled it very well. I ended up watching it on the big screen and knew that DeAngelo Hall was over there and that was a bad place for him to be so I tried to get over there and help out the situation. When DeAngelo was coming back to me, he had a real sense of control about the situation. I'm glad it didn't turn into something ugly."

Q: Coach can you go over the injuries?A: "Jason (Campbell) looks like he might have a high ankle sprain. I know his ankle is a little banged up, but we'll get that diagnosis. Reed Doughty hurt his knee a little bit and we've got to get a diagnosis on that. We have a sprained ankle with Mike Williams and D'Anthony Batiste had to come in for him. Clinton Portis got dinged a little bit. He got knocked out and was a little woozy. He had one of those smiles on his face because he was wondering what the heck happened. He didn't remember the play. I would never make a diagnosis on a guy getting knocked out so we will have to wait and see. There will be a test to see if there was a concussion, so we have to see what happens."

Q: In the second half, did you start calling a lot quicker passes because the line couldn't hold up as long?A:* *"Somewhat, but we didn't have a lot of long developing patterns in this game in the first place. We didn't do a lot of different games. We just tried to mix it up. Our guys were just determined to execute. It will be the executed plays that were successful in that second half."

Q: Could you tell that Jason was getting frustrated out there getting knocked down so many times?"A: "Yes, but it's a tough game it's a hard game. I say 'so what?' You've got to get up and tough guys have to be there. I thought he did a real good job. The thing that you saw today was when things were breaking down he got up the field. He didn't slide very well and I was upset with him about his slide. He's not good at it and he has to get better at it. The sprained ankle hurt him as well. So to answer your question, yes, but that's the way it goes."

Cornerback DeAngelo Hall

Q: What was happening with the running game? The Falcons broke off several long runs.
A: "Well, we really need to see the game film to say. But we knew coming in that Michael Turner is a heck of a running back. We didn't tackle him successfully. He was able to bounce off tackles and make plays."

Q: What happened during that sideline melee?
A: "I ran over there to help my guy, and next thing I know, one of their strength and conditioning coaches started grabbing at me, putting his hands on me. Then other guys put their hands on me. The whole time I'm trying to get them off me. After that, Coach (Mike) Smith came over to me, talking s--- to me, saying they were going to kick my a--. I stay in Atlanta during the offseason, so if Mike Smith wants to see me, he can definitely find me. That's some bulls--- right there. But he can save that for another day."

Q: So what do you pin the loss on?A: "They just outplayed us, man. It didn't matter what Matt Ryan did. We didn't stop the run, and that was it. When you're playing a team like this that knows how to put points on the board, you can't win. We had a lot of penalties. That kills you too."

Linebacker London Fletcher

Q: The defense didn't make enough big plays today, did they?A: "Well, two of the long runs by (Michael) Turner…well, one of them he didn't get touched. We have to play better, tackle better and execute better."

Q: You're known for being a strong player, sideline to sideline. Without pointing fingers, what has to happen to turn the tide?
A: "Well, we need better play calling on defense to begin with. A couple of those plays I will shoulder the blame. I need to put us in a better situation, in better matchups."

Q: You're 2-6…what is your motivation now?
A: "You saw us in the second half. We were down 24-3. There's no quit in this team. The offense came out and scored two touchdowns. We're professionals. We will continue to work hard, and play hard."

Center Casey Rabach

Q. What was frustrating about the game?
A. "Just that we can't protect Jason. Five sacks in the first half is frustrating. Then to do the things that we did in the second half. Why can't we do that for an entire game? That was frustrating. I wish that we had the answer. We just need to put two good halves of football together."

Q. What did Zorn say at halftime?
A. "He said 'just do your job.' He got pretty upset. I think everybody was pretty upset. He reiterated the fact that everyone should man-up and that it's time to play. Let's go out there and do the things that we normally do. The first few drives looked good in the second half. We just can't put ourselves in a hole like we did."

Wide Receiver Santana Moss:

Q: At the end of the day how much did the injuries doom the team?
"Every guy on this team can step in for guys, especially in the backfield. Lord knows that CP (Portis) is one for us and is one of the best that can run it in this League. I also feel that we have the two of the best backups that you can ever have if he's not able to go. We just have to go out and take advantage of what we have as a team. I know that we have to take advantage of the opportunities that other teams give us early and hopefully put them on their heels so that we don't have to worry about climbing uphill."

Quarterback Jason Campbell:

Q: On getting hit in the first half and surrendering five sacks.
"It was an extremely tough first half. Those guys were doing a great job of bringing the heat. Offensively, we just weren't answering the bell. Those guys were more physical than we were in the first half. In the second half we had to come in, regroup and understand that it doesn't matter if backups play in the game or not. We are all NFL players and we have to fight, that's what we get paid to do. In the second half we played with a much higher tempo and we were more physical."

Q: On second half changes.
"We got some things going with our running game and we were able to use play-action off of it. We were able to get me out of the pocket and make some plays and try and avoid the rush. We kind of kept them on their heals in the second half. When I saw a hole open up I tried to get as many positive yards as I could because I felt that could help us out. There are some things that we can take from the second half that are positive. Once again we lose another guy to injury and it is tough right now."

Q: On a halftime speech."A lot of things were said from coaches and players. A lot of it was about fighting and not giving up and giving each other a chance to make plays. At halftime, whatever it was, we played like a totally different offense."


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