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Quotable: New Orleans Saints


Opening Statement:
"It was a hard fought game. It certainly feels good to get a win on the road. We knew it was going to be a tough game, but we came up with a few plays at the end. Our defense had a big stop."

Q: How do you feel Reggie Bush played today?
A: "Reggie Bush was outstanding and it ended up being a big win for us. I yell at a player about ten times a game and I yell at Reggie Bush just the same. He keeps playing hard and doing a great job. He played well today."

Q: How important is it for you to have an undefeated season?
A: "We are just really focused on our next opponent and giving ourselves the best opportunity in the postseason. All of our focus will shift to a good balanced team on a short week. We understand that it presents challenges just because of the timing."

Q: How important is clenching the first round bye?A: "Well, I think that was the only thing we really could have done today."

Q: Can you talk about that fake field goal decision?A: "It was something we had seen and we took it into the game. We felt like if we got on the right mark and the situation allowed, then I was going to call it. They did a good job covering. We were up three and my goal was to go up by ten. It's certainly risky not getting those points and going up a full score, but we felt comfortable enough that we would get it. It was a good job by the defense."

Q: Was Mark Brunell originally supposed to go to Darnell Dinkins on that play?
A: "Well, the original was covered. There were a few receivers running out and in routes. Brunell, being left handed, is someone I trust a lot. They just did a good job of coming up the field so it was just a good play by them."

Q: There were a couple of close calls. Were those concerning at all?
A: "I just keep working on the little things. This is a good team we played here. Their home record is very good under Mike Smith."

Q: Did anything in particular in the game frustrate you today?
A: "I'm going to look at the film and we will see. For our players, 13 wins is a big win. This far in the year, they all become important. We are just going to keep working hard."

Q: What is your philosophy for going for an undefeated season?
A: "One thing we have done a good job with considering the leadership of this team is just looking at the next goal. We haven't gotten away or ahead of that. The next objective for us is to play a good Dallas Cowboys team, and that is really it. That has suited us pretty well this year."

Wide Receiver Marques Colston

On the game
"Our goal in practice every day is to get better. It requires a lot of hard work and hard work doesn't stop. We have three weeks left and we are going to try to get better."

Q: On possibly going 16-0 and looking to the playoffs
A: "I'm looking forward to Dallas. We definitely have a lot of corrections to make for tomorrow and we are going to do that and get ready for Dallas coming in next week."

Q: Is it important for you to get to 16-0?
A: "It's important for us to take it one week at a time. We worry about Dallas. I'm personally worried about Dallas."

Q: On having people get healthy and contributing.
A: "It's great to get everyone back and we will get better as we get everyone healthier."

Q: Do you feel that the offense has played the perfect game yet?
A: "No. We are still a work in progress and just continue to try and get better every day in practice."

Tight End Jeremy Shockey

Q: How does it feel to win again?A: "It's a great feeling. It's great to be a part of the fun and something so special. It's very hard to get a win in this league. We have Dallas coming in next Saturday so I'm looking forward to preparing for those guys. Atlanta played a great game and had a great game plan. They played a really good game."

Q: How much do you sense that opponents are picking up their game against you?
A: "I think people are trying to knock us off. Bringing their best game and bring their best effort. They are trying unorthodox things. But we expect it and get wiser to the challenge and win the games."

Q: At what point do you start to think about 16-0?
A: "We are just trying to get to the next win. All we are trying to do is correct the mistakes that we made today and get another win next week."

Q: What makes this team so special?
A: "Everyone is very close in the locker room. It's like a family. If there is a problem you can just go to the guy next to you, the coach, the GM, the owner and talk about a problem in your life or something that's on your mind. We are really close."

Q: How rare is that?
A: "It's really rare. It's something that I've never experienced."

Cornerback Randall Gay

Q: Well, 13-0. How does it feel?A: "We know it's going to get harder and harder as we go along. We brought a little extra something today because you don't want to lose to someone in your division."

Q: How should people look at this game? That you guys are fighting to survive?
A: "No, we're fine. When we were about 6-0, I told guys it was only going to get tougher. The more we win, the harder these games are going to get."

Defensive End Charles Grant

Q: Your thoughts about facing that banged up Falcons defense?
A: "Chris Redman and those guys were tremendous. They had a great game plan today. A football game between the Falcons and Saints always comes down to a few points. All the NFC South games are close and it's all about giving each other the props we all deserve. These guys are tough. I don't want to play them again."

Safety Darren Sharper

Q: Should fans have a concern about how tight this one was today?
A: "No, no. People better get their popcorn ready when they watch us. We're going to give you a full four quarters game. It's going to be like a roller coaster with a lot of ups and downs. But in the end, it's going to be quite entertaining. The reason? This team has more talent than any team I've played with. And there have been some good teams out there."

Saints Quarterback Drew Brees

Q: Talk about locking up the first round bye.
A: "It's big. We did it back in 2006 and it just gives the team a chance to rest up, get guys healthy and try to make a run."

Q: How do you feel about going undefeated thus far?
A: "It means a lot to us. It doesn't happen all that often. We are just enjoying the ride. We understand the opportunity we have and we are enjoying every second of it."

Q: Talk about the play of the defense toward the end of the game.
A: "We as an offense have confidence in our defense and vice versa. We know when they get us a turnover or make a play we feed off that. Today we tried to convert a lot of third downs to keep them off the field and keep them well rested. We each provide momentum to the other."

Q: How did Reggie Bush play today?
A: "That was big having him back. We brought him back slowly last week but today he came up big with two touchdown catches. I feel like our staple of backs fills a role for us offensively."

Q: Talk about tying the Saints touchdown record.
A: "It is certainly a tremendous honor. I'm blessed to be playing here under a coach like Sean Payton and under an offense like this. It's just as much about the other guys as it is about me. It's a team deal."

Q: You've played in some close games lately.
A: "It's called battle tested. We get everyone's best effort. Just because we walk into the building doesn't mean we are going to be assured of a victory. We understand we have to play well to win."

Saints Linebacker Jonathan Vilma

Q: On the interception in the fourth quarter?
A: "It was the same play that had burned us earlier in the game. We said if we saw it again we would make adjustments. I was able to break on it and make a play."

Q: Talk about the play of the defense at the end of the game.
A: "Regardless of what happens earlier in the game, we know we have an opportunity to close games out. We were able to stop them with four minutes left and then again with two minutes left."

Q: What's the difference between this year and last year?
A: "Turnovers have been huge. Last year we were maybe middle of the pack in turnovers and this year we are first. Last year we were 0-5 in games that were decided by three points or less and this year we are undefeated."

Saints Running Back Reggie Bush

Q: You used the screen play often.
A: "Coach (Sean) Payton likes to get our backs in space and the screen is a good way to do that."

Q: Do you feel invisible right now?
A: "Absolutely not. Nothing close to invincible. Every game has been close. A lot of teams are playing us close. It is hard to get wins in the NFL, no matter who you are playing. Today was another character win. The defense stepped up when we needed them."


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