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Quotable: Limited Partner Warrick Dunn

Q: Can you tell us how long this has been in the works?
A: "It's taken a while because I was keeping my options open about football, but I got to a point where I felt like this was the right time. They knew I had interest, Mr. Blank and Rich McKay knew I had interest in learning about ownership and the different things. So I inquired about it and here we are today. It's been a long process of having a few meetings and understanding the do's and dont's and everything else. It's just been a journey. It's been like a dream come true. I talked about this dream. I talked about this goal probably three or four years ago when I was a Falcon. It's like what would it be like to be an owner of a team? So it was huge."

Q: How did your meeting go with the league officials and did you meet with the owner's group? How did that presentation go for you?A: "Well I mainly met with the security group and they did a background check on me. Of course I had to go through the finance group. It was a bunch of different things, but it came down to Mr. Blank presenting me with this opportunity, getting me this opportunity. I looked into it and tried to take advantage of it and I did."

Q: What do you think your role with the team will be? How active are you going to be?
A: "During the whole process that was talked about also, like what do I want to get out of it? I hope to learn a lot about the business part of football. I know the game, but there's so much more to the game. If I can learn about the business side of it, that would be great. We hadn't really figured out what capacity I will be in, but I'm just excited to just be a part of it. Once everything starts rolling then I can understand the things that I want to do, because they want to present me with the opportunity to learn and to be a business man. That's what it is. So, I felt like it's a good opportunity."

Q: How much is your percentage of the group?
A: "Well I cannot disclose the terms. That's part of the agreement, so I really can't talk about that. Let's just say this, when you invest in something like this you still need to make money, so I need to go get a job. It's a good thing. I talked to Mr. Blank and I'm excited because now I'm back as a part of the family. I've been gone for a year or two years now, but at the same time Atlanta is my home. I love everyone in the organization. It's good to be back a part of the organization and hopefully I can bring some positive things to it."

Q: Can you talk about your relationship with Mr. Blank?
A: "Mr. Blank is the reason that I came to Atlanta seven or eight years ago. He's one of those owners that really takes pride in the things that he invests in. His players, front office people, his employees, he's a really down to earth type of guy. I do have a special relationship with him. I call him 'Pops' sometimes, A.B. It's just we built a bond over the years and stayed in contact. He's presented me with a great opportunity. How can you pass that up?"

Q: Did you talk about his family foundation, the Falcon foundation and your foundation collaborating at all?
A: "I'm sure that we're going to do some things together. I would probably help out a little bit in the community hopefully. I'm going to still do the things that I've done over the years and really try to change lives. I know that he does a lot of great things in the community and I like that and he encourages his players to do that. I'm going to take advantage of all the opportunities and a deal like this. They give me those advantages and opportunities. I look forward to doing that. But, I also look forward to just being around the game that I played for so long growing up and was a part of and definitely helping out the younger players. If they need advice or sometimes they just want to talk, those different things, if I'm able to be that ear or that voice of reasoning because I've played the game and I understand both sides. The player's side and also the business side of football. If I am able to help in anyway in this organization now that's what I'm here for."

Q: What was your undergraduate degree in?
A: "Information technology. I'm a computer guy. I wish I would've taken a business course."

Q: You think you will take anymore classes as a part of this learning process?
A: "Well, I think listening to a guy like Rich McKay and just asking him a million questions when I don't understand things or if you want to learn things. I think for me right now I will probably do something like that. I've been enjoying life these last six months. There's not a lot that I can complain about. Like I said this opportunity just came about. You have to take advantage of it. This is once in a lifetime. How many players have the opportunity, as soon as you retire, to become an NFL owner? I don't think that happens often or a lot and I'm truly honored."

Q: So did you officially turn your retirement papers in at some point?
A: "Well you can't be an owner and a player. I'm sure I will address the whole retirement thing in the near future. This is part of my coming out party of moving on with my life."


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