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Quotable: Head Coach Mike Smith


Q. How did practice go for you today with the new guys?
A. "Yeah, we had to make some roster moves over the last couple of days. We have a new long snapper. We had to put Mike Schneck on reserved injured because of broken ribs. We also had to put Jamaal Fudge down because of a knee injury. So those two guys went down on reserved injured. We brought in Bryan Pittman as a long snapper and we brought in Charlie Peprah to replace Jamaal as a safety."

Q. Pittman played in Texas. How quickly does he need to get ready?
A. "He'll be our long snapper on Sunday. He's done it in the NFL. He's an experienced guy so we don't expect that there will be any problem. We will just integrate him as if we were preparing any other week."

Q. Talk about Peprah.A. "Charlie Peprah has started in this League. He was a starter when we played Green Bay last year so we have some familiarity with him. He's not familiar with our scheme in terms of verbiage and all of that, so it's going to take some time. He was also a special teams player for the Packers last season."

Q. Will he be able to step in for you right away?
A. "He can probably come and contribute on special teams this week. We're trying to get him up to speed as quick as possible. I know Keith (Armstrong) has been spending a lot of time with him over the last 24 hours."
Q. Any update on your running backs?
A. "It was nice to see Jason Snelling get some limited work today. Jerious Norwood is still not ready to go. He worked on the side with the trainers and we certainly hope we can get him back sooner that later."

Q. Looking at the Redskins, are you prepared for the punt returners DeAngelo Hall and Antwaan Randle El?
A. "Last week they had three guys return punts. Randle El has been doing it and has been very effective throughout his career. His numbers are down this year but they've also had Santana Moss return punts as well as DeAngelo Hall. We're going to have to get a look at all of those guys. All three are very dangerous when they get the ball in their hands."

Q. Going up against Albert Haynesworth, what in particular problems does he present for you?A. "Physically, he just such a big, strong defensive tackle. He's rushing the passer very effectively this season. He's got three sacks already. They move him around this a little bit, but he is a force to be reckoned with. He's a disruptive guy in the run game when he's lined up in the middle. He creates some mismatch problems when he's lined up outside which they have done. They've moved him around in passing situations."

Q. In their running game, Clinton Portis' numbers don't seem to be up.
A. "Clinton Portis has been a very good running back in this League for a long time. He's averaged about 4.1 yards per rush attempt. I think he's had 120 carries in the first seven games, so he is their featured back. He's a guy that if you don't contain him, he can make you pay. He's a big strong running back that has very good speed."

Q. Tight end Fred Davis will be stepping in for Chris Cooley. Can you talk about that?A. "Yeah he stepped right in as a second year player out of USC and it really didn't change much whether it was Cooley or Davis. He became a target for (Jason) Campbell the quarterback when he came in. He continued to throw the ball to the tight end. Davis was a second round pick, a very athletic guy, and very similar to Cooley."

Q. Jason Campbell looks like he's shy about getting the ball up the field.
A. "Well he's completing 67 percent of his passes right now. I think earlier in the season they were more explosive in their passing game. The last couple of games they have not been as explosive. You've got to know where Santana Moss is. He's a very fast, quick receiver that could create a lot of mismatch issues. He's been effective receiver for a long time."

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