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Quotable: Head Coach Mike Smith


Q: Can you update us on your injuries?
A: "We had three guys who didn't participate today in Thomas Johnson (calf), Jerious Norwood (hip) and Jason Snelling (hamstring). And all of the guys are day to day. We also had a number of guys with limited participation."

Q: Was it good to see Ovie (Mughelli) out there today?
A: "Yes, it was. Ovie got a full days work in today and it was nice to see him. We've missed him the last two weeks."

Q: Do you think his absence hurt the running game?
A: "Well, we are not going to make excuses. But we like to have our first line players out there. And I think Ovie is an outstanding blocking back and in our two back running game he's a big, big part of it."

Q: How much do you use from last year that was successful in your preparation for this game?
A: "We hope we had the duplication of what we had in the home game here and the outcome that we liked. We are always going to analyze an opponent and we look at an opponent two years in a row. We are going to look at everything that we've done and how they attacked us. This has always been a big rivalry and it's a Division game. The Saints are a really good football team this year. I think they are playing outstanding football in all three phases."

Q: (In the second game at Georgia Dome) they tried to throw to Devry (Henderson) deep on first play of the game and you knocked several balls down during the game.
A: "We had a number of ball disruptions and the first play of the game was an interception on the first throw. But that really doesn't have any bearing on this game. I'm sure they are evaluating it like we are now and there have been a lot of practices and games (between now and then)."

Q: (In New Orleans) they had a few screens and draws that worked against you.
A: "They ran the ball more efficiently down there and this year they are the third ranked rushing team in the League and the sixth best passing team and number one overall. So, it's very balanced between run and pass and I think that's the big difference between last year in terms of their offense."

Q: What does Darren Sharper add to their defense?
A: "He's a player that always been a playmaker and he's continuing that trend in New Orleans. I believe he has six interceptions with three being returned for touchdowns. He's very dangerous when he gets the ball in his hands."

Q: Is there anything you are telling Matt (Ryan) concerning his interceptions over the last two games?
A: "He has to be mindful that we are facing a very good defense. They are very opportunistic and that's why I think they are leading the League in interceptions. It's going to be about us going out and executing, running precise routes and having a good pre-snap read. And just go through our reads."

Q: Can you tell us about Tye Hill's progress?
A: "Tye continues to progress. We are working towards giving him some playing time. When it's going to be, we don't know. As we said from the beginning, he's going to have to be patient and we are going to have to be patient."

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