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Quotable: Head Coach Mike Smith


Q: Could you fill us in on the off-day moves, Aaron (Stecker) and (William) Moore going to IR and so forth?
A "Yes, you know we moved William Moore to IR. It looks like his hamstring is going to be something that is going to take much longer than we anticipated. We signed Aaron Stecker to sure up our running back group."

Q: He is a returner also. Does that help you out your special teams?
A: "Yes it does. Aaron through his career has been an outstanding special teams player. He has returned kickoffs and he has also been a core player. He is a player that we think we can get integrated real quick into a role where he can help us."

Q: How difficult was it putting Moore on the IR your top two draft picks out for the season?
A: "Well, it's very unfortunate because with those two guys we had high expectations for them. Injuries happen in this League and it's an unfortunate situation. So, I feel for those guys personally and I also know that we're missing two real good football players."

Q: Turning to the Saints now how is preparation and how did today's session go for you all getting ready for the Saints?
A: "Well this is the first time that we, as a staff and as a team, have had to prepare on an eight day week. So really we came in and got a good work out and spent some time introducing the New Orleans Saints. We came out here and worked for about 45 minutes on the field, but it was just more in a walk-through mode. We worked on specific things we feel we need to get a jump on."

Q: The new defensive coordinator in New Orleans, what has he brought?
A: "Well, I think that he has brought an attacking style defense. They're very opportunistic. They're leading the league in turnovers and takeaways and when they do take the ball away they take it back for touchdowns. Darren Sharper has had three returns for touchdowns. I think that's the big thing that they've been very opportunistic and they've attacked the ball and have been very aggressive in the way that they approach their game planning."

Q: What did they show coming back from 21 points down?
A: "A lot of resiliency. That's a very difficult situation to be in and that shows what kind of football team that they are. I think that their record indicates what kind of team they are. They're one of the top teams in the NFL."

Q: Can you talk about the running back position as a whole?
A: "In terms of injuries we'll give our injury report after practice tomorrow. We just felt like we wanted to add another running back and also that he had the skill set we were looking for in terms of special teams. So it will be a guy that we can add to our special teams units."

Q: Was picking up Aaron Stecker snagging him before the Saints could with the injury to Evans?
A: "No it wasn't anything about that. He is a guy who we felt would make our roster stronger and that was the reason we went and made that move."

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