Quotable: Head Coach Mike Smith


Head Coach Mike Smith

Q: How did it feel to get back out there?
A. "It was good to be back out there. We had a little break. Everybody got to disconnect and unplug for a little bit. We did Falcons on Falcons today and a small introduction to the 49ers. We should be rolling on Wednesday."

Q. Will you start getting back into your regular routine now?A. "Yes, we will start getting back into our Wednesday, Thursday, Friday scheduling and sequencing. We'll introduce the 49ers on Wednesday, do our scouting report and get rolling."

Q. Can you give us an update on players?
A. "Antoine (Harris) is the only person that didn't practice today."

Q. Did you watch the 49ers game this weekend? If so, what were your impressions?
A. "Yes I did. They're a good foot ball team. They were making plays in all three phases. They're a very good team."

Q. What are some of the conclusions of your self scout and self evaluation from last week?
A. "We were dead on offense, defense and special teams. There were a lot of areas that we can get better at was well as coaching."

Q. Talk about William Moore...
A." William had a good opportunity last week to participate in practice, and I thought he did some nice things. We're anxious to see how he performs when he gets his first opportunity to play in a game. "

Q. What does it mean to have Jerious Norwood back?
A. "We're a faster offense. We're much faster when we have Jerious in a game. He brings that speed element."

Q. Since he's had about two injuries in a month's span, do you have any concerns about him being back?A. "He's full go and he has been all last week and this week. We don't anticipate any issues with that."

Q. Talk about your evaluation of Tye Hill...
A. "I thought that Tye had an opportunity in running our defense. I thought he had a chance to see what he could do, and I thought he preformed well. We have to be patient with Tye, and Tye has to be patient with us."

Q. Is it hard to evaluate him since he doesn't participate in contact throws?
A. "It makes it more difficult. We have seen Tye change direction and show speed, which are the things that we saw when we were preparing for him in the first preseason game."

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