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Quotable: Head Coach Mike Smith


Q: How did practice go today?
A: "Good. It was the second day of the work week and we'll come out tomorrow and get a quick work out, be done by noon, and finish our preparation."

Q: Update on (Jerious) Norwood?
A: "No change on his status right now. He did not practice today, so we will have to see where he is at tomorrow."

Q: Might Verron Haynes get in a little this weekend?
A: "It depends on the status of (Jerious) Norwood. We'll just have to see."

Q: Wes Walker didn't play for the Patriots last week. What dimension does he have as a player?
A: "Well, he was their leading receiver last year and had 111 or 112 catches. He does a very good job working the underneath zones and the check bounds and we fully anticipate that he is going to play, but that is a completely different dimension when you add Wes into it. Also, he is a factor on special teams as a returner. If he plays this weekend like we anticipate, he will be another weapon that they will have at their disposal."

Q: How is Fred Taylor doing for them?
A: "Well, Fred averaged about 5.8 per carry. He hasn't had a whole lot of carries, but he is their leading rusher. Fred still looks like he has a lot of juice left in his game. He is running with authority and one of the things that I think often gets over-looked about a player like Fred Taylor that runs the ball so well, is that he is a very aggressive and physical blocker."

Q: You talked earlier about how they switch their fronts in and out rather than substitute them. What special problem does this present?A: "They have some hybrid players that can line up and play in a two-point stance on one snap and a three-point stance the next snap. They have a guy that can play in the secondary position in the shell of the defense, and then also be down in the box. They are able to be very multiple because of the flexibility of some of their players."

Q: How has Tye Hill been coming along?
A: "Very good. Tye is coming along. I think that next week will be a really big week when we go back into our – kind of a training camp mode during our bye week. We won't be game planning. We will just be working on some of the basics. I think that it will be a good learning curve where he'll have an opportunity to get some reps."

Q: Has (Tye Hill) been practicing well?
A: "Very good. Tye has had a great attitude and I think he know that we were going to be patient with him and he has to be patient with us in terms of having a comfort level and getting him prepared. We like the skill set that he brings and we like the attitude as well."

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