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Quotable: Head Coach Mike Smith


Q: (Comments on practicing inside)
A: "We had to come inside because of the weather, but I thought the guys worked hard. We are continuing to progress and put our game plan together."

Q: Was Elam's hamstring an issue for him on Sunday?A: "It wasn't an issue prior to the game, but it was during the game. He kicked today, so he was in full participation today."

Q: Would that explain his missed kicks last week?A: "That would be pure speculation."

Q: With Ron Meeks being over there as the new guy running the defense, what are some of the things that they are trying to do differently?
A: "There are some flavors coming from Indianapolis in terms of what they have shown. It has just been one game, so I'm sure that they will have more things coming this week as we go to week two.

Q: How much can you tell about their defense?
A: "Well, they were put in some very difficult situations in terms of field position in the ball game last week. They have a bunch of starters back from last year's defense – I think nine – and they were a very stout defense last year. They have some guys that I think are some very good players."

Q: Coming off such a bad week last Sunday, could you imagine that they would put a strong emphasis on running the ball this week?A: "I think that at the core of Coach John Fox that is what he wants to do. They ran the ball last year and they were the third leading rushing team in the League and second in yards per rush attempt. We anticipate that they will come out and try to run the football. That's really what they are, a running football team."

Q: Coming off of his injury, how has William Moore looked so far?A: "It's good to see William back out. He participated for the first time yesterday and he fully participated today. It's nice to see him get an entire practice in."

Q: When you look at Thomas Davis, a guy who can do everything – coverage, defend the run, beat blocks – he is really a coordinator's dream isn't he?A: "He had a great skill set for the linebacker position because he is very, very fast and they can use him in multiple schemes and put him in different positions. He has played very, very well for them last season and I would anticipate that he is going to improve."

Q: How important is it to get explosive plays against Carolina?A: "I think that is it important every week, not just against Carolina. We want to create explosive plays because statistically when you have explosive plays in a drive, it usually leads to points in that drive. It's important every week, and when you get explosive plays, at least you flip the field position, but most of the time you get points coming off of those drives with explosive plays in them."

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