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Quotable: Head Coach Mike Smith


Q: What is Matt Ryan's status?
A: "Matt (Ryan) wasn't feeling well today and we sent him home to rest. We anticipate that he will be back on Wednesday."

Q: Any update on Jerious (Norwood) and William Moore?
A: "No, not at this point. Neither one of them participated today. When we come back out on Wednesday, we will be on League policy in terms of how we are going to report injuries."

Q: What kind of a player was Brian Williams for you in Jacksonville?
A: "Brian Williams is a guy that has played all three positions for us in Jacksonville. He's played corner, he's played nickel, and he's played safety. Last year, he started six games at safety and ten games at corner. He has also played nickel back for the Jaguars in the past as well. He is a guy that fits right into what we are looking for in terms of being a cross trained player that can really play all three (positions). We are going to have an opportunity over the next few days to evaluate Brian in a number of positions. Today he was indoctrinated into what we are trying to do with our practice schedule."

Q: How do you feel about your receivers and how they have performed so far?A: "I think that our receiving core has come together very well. With Roddy (White) and Michael (Jenkins), you have two big guys that can run. We have very experienced back-ups in Brian Finneran and Marty Booker. Both of those guys have played a lot of games in this League and they understand how to run routes and get themselves open. I think Eric Weems had a very good camp not only catching the ball, but catching punts. I think he is going to be our punt returner going into the opening game."

Q: With integrating Tony Gonzalez into your pass attack, what were the keys to making that happen?
A: "We had some things that we wanted to look at to get Tony incorporated into not only our passing game, but our offense. I think that we accomplished that. Tony understands what we are trying to do schematically in all phases. We have worked a number of things and we are anxious to see how he is going to perform in game situations."

Q: Will Jose Valdez have a second opportunity to prove himself while he is on the practice squad?
A: "Well, all of the guys on the developmental squad are all guys that we believe have the ability to develop. Jose definitely earned the right to be on our practice squad."

Q: Last week, you mentioned how behind Tye Hill is on his reps. How different are things with Brian Williams when he has played under a lot of the members of the staff in Jacksonville?
A: "I think that it is a different situation in terms of how familiar he is with our scheme. I think that it is basically the same scheme and the same verbiage that he is used to hearing. A couple of things have changed over the last two years. I think that it is a completely different situation. One, he has versatility and can play multiple positions and has the opportunity to compete in all three of those positions and two, he has the ability to be integrated into our scheme because he knows it, where Tye (Hill) will be swimming up hill for a while."

Q: Where does Brian (Williams) fit best in those three positions?A: "I think we are going to look at the corner nickel to start with and also knowing that he can play safety. He started six games last year and can play all three positions. It gives us a lot of flexibility in terms of how we want to put our roster together and he gives us flexibility throughout the season."

Q: What are your thoughts on Stephen Nicholas, the camp he had, and his readiness?
A: "I think that Stephen has had a really good camp. Much different than last year when he was dealing with some family issues. I think that he is a different guy (this year). You can see that he is more focused on football and understandable so with the situation he had last season. I thought that he has played very well and has earned the right to be our starting SAM linebacker. He is also a guy that has played in some of our sub packages. We're excited about where he is at this point in time."

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