Quotable: Head Coach Mike Smith



Q: How quickly will your new players on defense be able to play?
A: "We are working them in as quickly as possible and we are giving them as many reps as we can to get them caught up. We will make that determination toward the end of the week."

Q: What kind of problems do the Dolphins present on both sides of the ball?
A: "Offensively, they have a very good running game. They have two outstanding running backs with Ronnie Brown and Ricky Williams. They have two first round draft picks - a Pro Bowler in Jake Long and they have speed with Ted Ginn. They are a very explosive offense. On defense, it starts with those two outside linebackers with Joey Porter and Jason Taylor. Both of those guys can rush the passer."

Q: What special problems does that wildcat formation have for you?
A: "There is so much to that wildcat, and I am sure that they have not shown everything that they are going to do. There are so many different things. It's a possible option offense, you have the off-balanced stuff where you have the single-wing offense, you have down blocking, and you have leverage issues. It creates a lot of issues especially when you don't know exactly what they are going to present."

Q: Is this wildcat just a temporary fad, or do you think we will see this in years to come?
A: "You really can't tell. As you know, a lot of teams dabbled with it last year and of course Miami was the team that did it the most efficiently."

Q: How much different do you feel this year as oppose to last year at this time?
A: "I'm probably just as jittery as I was last year. A reporter from Miami asked is it any different this year now that you have a target on your back, where as last year nobody expected anything. I said well I thought that we had a target last year. I don't know how it changes. Every week you have a target. The familiararity with the players and the familiararity with the players is the only thing that is different this year. We have to prepare and go out there with our plan and execute."

Q: Is this one of the 16 or will game one set the tone of the season?
A: "Well you want to start fast, whether it's during the season or the first game. We like to pride ourselves on starting fast, but this is a marathon. It's a 16-game season and there are so many dynamic changes throughout."


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