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Quotable: Head Coach Mike Smith


Q: What is your projection for William Moore?
A: "(William Moore) will not play on Thursday. We are going to work him back in after the week and we'll see if we can get him back next week."

Q: How did the secondary look after you had a chance to review the film?A: "I watched the whole entire team play and just like in the first two weeks of the preseason, there was some good, bad, and there was some ugly. There were some really good plays on first and second down and there were some really bad plays on third down. That was kind of the story of the defense in the ball game. We did some things better this week than we did in the first two weeks. That's the great thing about the preseason. We have four opportunities to make all the corrections that we can."

Q: How is Peria (Jerry) playing for you?
A: "I thought Peria (Jerry) had his best game. He, like all of our young players, is getting better and better each week. That should be expected because they have become more comfortable with our system."

Q: The finishing of drives seemed to be a good thing for the first string offense and for Chris Redman.A: "I thought that Chris Redman did an outstanding job during his playing time. He had that drive for the winning touchdown on the last play of the game. We moved the ball very efficiently on offense. We had to settle for two field goals. We didn't actually get into the redzone. The drive stalled right outside of the redzone. One was in a two-minute situation right before halftime."

Q: Does the focus change a little bit this week, knowing that some of the guys are playing for roster spots, or do you keep doing what you are doing with the starters?A: "It will be a completely different rotation this week. We did not play some of the younger guys as many snaps as they had in the first two games, so we want the guys that are fighting for roster spots to have an opportunity to be evaluated. The focus all preseason long has been for us to be as healthy as possible for the opener. We want to go out and win, in fact people say the preseason is not that exciting, but I don't know how you can get more exciting than the three games we have played. Two games basically ended on the last play and one ended with a turn over in the endzone with about 45 seconds to go."

Q: Were the mistakes that the defense made on third downs more mental or physical?A: "The (mistakes) were a combination. They are all correctable. That's the great thing about it. The mistakes that we made on third down are all correctable. We spent the day making those corrections. We came out here and worked on a number of things good things that we had to do."

Q: Can you elaborate on what you mean by a combination?A: "It's just not the secondary. This is team defense and all of the guys on defense are out there on third down and they have a job to do. Obviously when it is a pass play, people are going to assume that it was the secondary. That's not necessarily the case. This is team defense and everyone has a job to do on every play. The secondary is very involved in defending the run and the other positions are very involved in defending the pass."

Q: Can you comment of the effectiveness of San Diego's screen play?A: "Yes, very effective. We did not play the screens very well. They had a number of explosive plays. Some of them were on third down and they converted the third down. That's definitely something that we have taken a good hard look at the past few days."

Q: Were you caught off guard or not prepared to defend San Diego's screen play?A: "No. We have seen screen plays all season long and all through OTAs. Our offense is a very good screen team. (San Diego) executed the screens. We did not execute and that's the bottom line."

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