Quotable: Head Coach Mike Smith


Q: Do the players know?
A: "The players will be aware as we get closer to the week."

Q: Would you say that this game is important for the guys that are playing after Matt?
A: "I think that it is important for all of our guys that are (playing). It's another chance to get evaluated. There are a lot of decisions that we have to make, not just at the quarterback position, but in the defensive line and in the secondary. There are a number of guys that are competing for jobs and this will be a third opportunity for them to play in a game."

Q: How is the health of your team?A: "We are healthier than we were last week. We got William Moore back yesterday. He was able to come out and practice today so that's a positive. We are going to continue to try and stay as healthy as we can. That is our number one goal, to be healthy as possible on our opener."

Q: How would you rate the execution of your offensive line?A: The offensive line has done a nice job. The first unit has gelled extremely well and I think they have continued to progress from what they did last year."

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