Quotable: Head Coach Mike Smith


Q: Can you talk about William Moore's return and how he looked today?
A: "William did not participate fully in practice today but he did for the majority of it. We're hoping that he is not going to have any residual effects and will be able to put two practices together. We are excited to see him back out there. It's been a long time since he has practiced, but I thought that he moved around out there pretty well. We'll just have to see how the knee responds after the work load he had today."

Q: Were you able to maintain more study work with him while he was out?A: "Yes. He worked out with our secondary coaches Alvin (Reynolds) and E.T. (Emmitt Thomas). They tried to get him as many mental reps as possible. They are going to try and get him expedited back into the rotation as quickly as possible so we can evaluate them over the next few weeks."

Q: Would it be reasonable to think he (William Moore) could play this week (against the Chargers)?A: "It will depend on how he will respond post-practice in terms of the knee. It's just a couple of weeks post-operation, so we will just have to see."

Q: Can you comment on the release of Edmond Miles?A: "Yes, we made that roster move. We are going to start pairing our roster down. We are at 78 right now with Harry Douglas being a number in our count. We are going to have to get to 75 after this game. We just made some moves prior to the game."

Q: Is Jason Jefferson still inactive?
A: "Yes, Jason Jefferson has a groin issue. I think that we will know a lot more about him in the next couple of days as well."

Q: Can you comment on the dramatic improvement of the defense during the second week?A: "It was a situation where we fit the run a lot better. When you don't go out and do it full speed, you are at a little bit of a disadvantage and I think that our guys have a better understanding after watching the tape of the first game. We anticipate that it will get better. We're going to have growing pains. We have a lot of new people in our defense and we're trying to get them up to speed as quickly as possible."

Q: Are you going to incorporate halftime adjustments when planning for the third game?A: "We will go through the first half and make some adjustments with those guys and get them back at least for one series and possibly longer in the third quarter."

Q: Any issues with Chris Owens?A: "No, Chris tweaked his leg yesterday morning during practice. It's a little bit sore. It's more precautionary. We think that he will be back out tomorrow during practice."

Q: Was (Michael) Koenen out practicing for emergency situations today?A: "Yes he was. You have to have a situation that's scripted out where you have a back up field goal kicker just like we have emergency long snappers and emergency punters. We will be working on those situations over the next few days."

Q: Can Roddy White kick off?
A: "(Laughs) I can't comment on that. I don't know. I've seen Roddy kick some extra points, but I haven't seen him kickoff."

Q: Do you see anyone as the front runner between Chauncey Davis and Jamaal Anderson?
A: "No I don't. We try to keep the mind set that we are going to have seven or eight starter-quality players on the defensive line. It's going to be a rotation and it doesn't concern us on who is going to start the game. It's going to be about matchups and how we feel like we should defend in terms of how we will work the rotations. We are going to change it up this week, so it's going to be different than in previous weeks. We are going to look at some different rotation sequences in this game."

Q: With a guy like John Abraham, who is going to have 16 starts, is it safe to say that there is an echelon of elite players on the team?A: "That is safe to say. John Abraham, I can assure you, will start every game that he is healthy enough to start. In terms of the other guys, it is going to be a matter of how the competition plays out. It could change from week to week and from day to day."

Q: As far as your left corner position goes, Brent (Grimes) is your guy right now, but how is Von Hutchins coming along?A: "Von (Hutchins) is still working back from the foot injury. I don't believe that he is 100 percent. We have worked him at safety and at nickel, so we have cross-trained him. Von has had an opportunity to work three positions."

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