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Quotable: Head Coach Mike Smith




Q. How did practice go today?
A. "It was a good afternoon. We have some situations that we want to work on, but I thought that the guys have worked hard through these twenty-four days of training camp."

Q. How is Chris Houston doing now that he is back?A. "Chris practiced today, but he was limited. We gave him a few snaps and just doctored him back into it see how his leg responded. We're anticipating there shouldn't be any repercussions."

Q. How is you schedule changing?A. "We will start tomorrow getting into our regular season routine. Tomorrow will be more like a Wednesday and we will just sequence through the week. We will play on Saturday, which will be like a regular Sunday game. Our guys are going to be indoctrinated this week, starting tomorrow, with our regular schedule. We'll work in the mornings, we'll have a walk-through, take a break for lunch, then practice."

Q. How long will you go with the starters in this third game?A. "We definitely want to bring the guys out after halftime. It will really depend on if it's one series, two series or through the third quarter based on the number of snaps. The rotation this week will be different. There will be some guys that are going to play significant more time than they've had in the first two preseason games. There are going to be some guys that have gotten a lot of snaps, so they won't get as many."

Q. You had a lot of battles when camp started. How are those evaluations going as the first cut date approaches?A. "There are a number of battles. I don't think that this roster is set, especially on the back end. There have even been position battles as far as starters are concerned. It's been very competitive and of course we're not just going to evaluate what takes place in the game. We're going to evaluate the whole body of work, which entails OTA's, mini-camp, training camp, and what they've done in these preseason games."

Q. Has this been a better camp this year?
A. "I think everybody knows what to expect. I guess we'll know as the season progresses how successful the camp was. I think the guys know how we operate and it's gone a lot smoother logistically than last season."

Q. Lawrence Sidbury had a lot of snaps on Friday. What are some things you and your staff saw in him?A. "With Lawrence, the biggest trait we were impressed with was his speed. He was the fastest defensive lineman at the combine in the 40-yard dash, he was very explosive in the 10-yard, and he did not look out of place when we watched him at the Senior Bowl. He participated in the Senior Bowl with the big school players and he did a nice job. He's got a long way to go, but he's a guy that wants to learn. He's learning from a very good guy named John Abraham. John has kind of taken him under his wing. We saw some production this past week."

Q. Can you talk to us about Eric Weems and his competition for a roster spot?A. "Eric is a guy that has really paid his dues to get to where he is right now. Eric has a done a nice job on special teams and I think his role has the ability to expand. This year he was a core cover guy, working on the return units. He's going to get a chance this season to show us that he can possibly be our punt returner. Speaking of punt returners, you we'll see that we're going to give some other guys an opportunity in the last two games as well."

Q. Is Chris Redman your primary back quarterback?
A. "I think that it's an open competition. Chris has the most experience, he's played in games but we're going through a true evaluation process, and we're going to stay true to that process. But Chris definitely has the most experience of any of those backup quarterbacks."

Q. Did this weekend magnify any potential problems that D.J. Shockley had?
A. "I don't think you can evaluate on one game or one quarter. I think you have to evaluate the whole body of work, and that's what we do with all of our players. That includes OTA's, mini-camp, training camp, and preseason games."

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