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Quotable: Head Coach Mike Smith


Will you do much game planning for St. Louis?
"No we haven't. We're basically approaching this game just like we did the first game. We're really working more on rotation with who is going to play and when we're going to play them. We want to get some of the younger players in a little bit earlier this week. We would like to see them matchup with the first and seconds and not be playing against the thirds."

Is there anyone in particular that you are interested seeing results from?
"You'll see Chris Owens in there a lot earlier and Lawrence Sidbury a lot earlier. We'll take look at Vance Walker earlier than we did last week. A majority of the rookies are going to get an opportunity to play a little bit earlier. Generally, we take the third preseason game as the game plan week. We'll be out of camp and we'll go through the sequencing of our game plan. Our players will come through and it will be just like the week that we'll get ready for Miami, Carolina, and New England. We have a routine that we go through on a Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday."

If one of those rookies, or anyone fighting for a roster or starting job hasn't made an impression by now and doesn't in this game, is their window starting to close?"No. I think the window starts to get smaller after the third preseason game. You've got to let them get an opportunity to go through the entire training camp and play in three games so we can get a good evaluation. We have to make decisions after the third game in regards to reducing our roster."

So you don't plan on making any cuts before then it sounds like?"No, we are going got keep everyone we can until the mandatory cut."

A lot has been said about Eric Weems and his punt return performance. You see him make catches like he did today. Does that give you confidence that he could maybe fill the void now that Harry Douglas is out?"Eric has had a great camp and has really taken advantage of his opportunity since Harry has gone down. Eric knows our system and is a tough guy. He was a special teams player for us last year. Harry's unfortunate injury puts Eric in a situation that he is going to have an opportunity to compete."

How long do you see the ones going for?"They will go for about the same as last week. We say a quarter but it's really based on snaps. Depending on the number of snaps and how the plays go, they'll go through about the first quarter."

Will the quarterback rotation be the same?"It will be different. Matt [Ryan] will go first then we'll switch it up from there. We haven't even talked to the players about the rotation. We'll do that tonight at our team meeting."

Is Thomas Brown closer to being ready to play?"He's going to be a game time decision. Unfortunately, Thomas has not gotten to go full speed with us this week. We would like to get a better evaluation of Thomas."

Is William Moore on track?"William has been working with the trainers and athletic performance guys on the side. He's jogging right now and it is just a matter of seeing what he can handle in terms of rehabilitation. If they say he can come back out, then we are going to try to get him out here as soon as we can."

Is Chauncey Davis going to get more time than last week?"Chauncey will be starting this week. Again, not to read into that, we are going to rotate our defensive lineman. This was my plan from the very beginning of training camp. We are going to change the order of who is going in. That defensive line is a group of guys that we consider six or seven of the starters because of the situation they play in."

Is Rams WR Laurent Robinson someone you're curious to see?
"Well, Laurent was with us so it will be fun to see him and go out and compete."

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