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Quotable: Head Coach Mike Smith


Opening Statement
"It's good to get back out there. Yesterday, we had the day off. Our guys came back out here this morning and I thought they worked effectively. We made some corrections from Sunday night watching the game tape from the scrimmage."

Q: How did Roddy (White) look out there during his first day of practice?
A: "Good. Roddy ran some routes and was in full participation which was good."

Q: What is the most important aspect that (Roddy White) missed, following last week?
A: "As a team, you want to have all of your best players. When you don't have your best players you're not going to be as efficient as you possibly can. We weren't as efficient in week one as we could have been. We are now at full strength with all 80 guys with us. We have to get prepared to see where we are when we play someone else and that will be at Detroit this weekend."

Q: Do you think Roddy White is the type of guy that can step right back in and not miss a beat?
A: "When you miss time, it's time that you cannot make up. I think time is your most important commodity. It's probably more of an important commodity than money. You can get that money back but you can't get that time back."

Q: Is there a little extra giddy up in your step for the game this Saturday?
A: "These next few days are kind of the dog days. As we get to the end of the week the game will become more prevalent, but right now, these next two days are really going to be tough for all of us to focus. I think that we all have to go out and do it. I know that the leaders on our team have talked about it. Some of our older guys like Brian Finneran mentioned it before practice today and I think it's an excellent point he made."

Q: How did Marty Booker's first practice go today?
A: "Marty looks good. He's being coached out there on the run by Terry Robiskie. Marty is a veteran. He knows the game. He just needs to learn our verbiage. He looked good I thought."

Q: How is the team health wise?
A: "Curtis Lofton was back today as was Trey Lewis. Those guys where missing some significant time. The only player that was held out of practice today was Jason Snelling and that was precautionary from the incident at the scrimmage on Friday night. He ran on the side and we anticipate that he will be going this afternoon and tomorrow."

Q: As a coach, do you hold any type of grudge for (Roddy White) missing a week. Is there any kind of lingering effect from that, or have you guys moved on?
A: "Like I said before, I'm not angry. I'm not a person that holds grudges. I know that we weren't as efficient in week one as we possibly could have been. That was week one and this is week two. We are moving forward and getting ready to start playing preseason games and evaluating our team."

Q: Do you have to be a little cautious with the hold out guy because sometimes they come back and get injured?
A: "We are going to monitor his reps, but it will really be on day two and three that you have to take a good look at it. Roddy came in yesterday after he signed his contract and the first thing I said to him is, "are you ready for your running test?" He came out and he got his running test like the rest of the guys on our team. He passed his running test and he is in pretty good shape in terms of conditioning. It's different when you go out there and run routes."

Day 10 -- Monday, Aug. 10, 2009
8:30 a.m./3:45 p.m. Practice
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