Quotable: Head Coach Mike Smith


What is the situation with Harry Douglas?
"I wish I could tell you what's going on as far as the injury, but I don't really know anything right now. He was taken off the field and I'll be able to tell you more tomorrow after the doctors and trainers get a chance to look at him."

Was it his knee?
"I was not there at the drill, but from what I understand, yes. He went off the field and has been in the training room. I hope we can see him here shortly."

How crushing of a blow would it be if he were out for the season?
"You can't speculate on that. Anytime you lose any player it's not the best situation and Harry is an integral part of our team. We need all these guys to be healthy."

With Roddy White out Harry Douglas was taking more snaps. Was Harry making the most of his opportunity?
"Harry had a good year last year and he's had a good four or five days of camp as well. We'll know more a bout Harry's situation in the morning."

When they put the pads on it amped things up a little bit. Did you get a sense that everybody was taking it to the next level?
"Oh, most definitely. There's a number of different tempos during the season. There's the OTA tempo and minicamp gets a little bit more intense. Then you've got training camp. You've got training camp in shorts which really isn't football, but when you put the pads on, you get to play the game of football. This Friday, when we scrimmage and actually get to tackle for the first time, we will get amped up a little bit more."

Who stood out today?
"I thought there were some guys who made some plays inside. I'm pleased with the way Vance Walker has progressed. I think our secondary continues to make strides. It's a big competitive battle back there for a number of spots."

Do you feel like Vance Walker was a bargain?
"When we did our due diligence we felt that Vance was a guy that had the opportunity to play in this League. He's going to get every opportunity over the next 35 days to see if he's a guy that can. Up to this point, he's done very well."

Can you give us an update on Trey Lewis and William Moore?
"Trey Lewis is still out. He's day to day at this point in time. We're hoping he'll be back in the next day or two. William Moore has had an issue with his knee from practice yesterday, and as soon as they clear him from the training room, he'll be back out as well. Both of those guys are guys on the defensive side of the ball that we need to have out there."

Can you talk about the position battles at running back?
"That's a competitive group much like the defensive backs. There's a number of good players back there. They all have a skill set that's a little bit different and that makes it more intriguing in the decisions we'll have to make."

Can you talk about the backup quarterbacks?
"I think D.J. Shockley has had a good four to five days as well as the other quarterbacks. That to me is another area we're going to have a competitive situation throughout the entire camp. I don't think that there's anybody that has cemented that backup quarterback role. Much like last year when we had four guys compete, we have three guys competing for two spots."

What are your thoughts on the scrimmage inside the dome and the scrimmage at Brookwood?
"The scrimmage at Brookwood is going to be a fun time for our players. It's going to be a change of pace. They will have been going for about a week and they'll be ready for a change. They'll be ready to go down to the high school in Lawrenceville and it will be fun for our fans to see the players in a different atmosphere. Saturday, we are coming together with our mock game. It will be a dry run for us before going to Detroit, not only for our players, but for our coaches as well."

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