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Quotable: Head Coach Mike Smith


Head Coach Mike Smith

**How excited were you to get back on the field today?

**"It was fun to see the energy and the good attitude they had when they came out for practice today. I think we got a lot accomplished. We exposed our young guys to a lot of things and that's what we want to do over the next couple of days."

Were you pleased with the tempo today?

"Very much so. It was very energetic and we want to see that over the next four practices. That's when we'll see if it was a successful camp or not."

**Talk about the heat at practice today.

**"Well, it was warm today. We'll make a couple of adjustments during the next practice because I think the heat is going to crank."

What are the main goals for this mini-camp?

"We've spent the off-season as a coaching staff not only evaluating our roster, but evaluating our schemes. There are some things we want to look at. For the old players that have been with us, that's the first thing. For the new players, we want to show them how we do things. Not necessarily the scheme, but how we practice. These guys don't even know how we warm-up, but they got their first look at it today."

Do you have initial impressions on the rookie class?

"It's hard to say after one practice. I really like their energy. They've all been bright-eyed and I think they are excited to come out here and compete. I think that's the most important thing for any football team. Competition is going to bring out the best in everyone."

Do you feel like you have players on the field who can bring out the competition consistently?

"No doubt about that. We had two solid rookie classes since we've been here and our roster continues to get deeper. The deeper the roster gets, the more competition you'll have. To me, that's a great thing for the guys on our team, the coaching staff and the fans."

**Talk about Sean Weatherspoon spending his time with Mike Peterson on the sideline.

**"We want the young guys to get with mentors and there are a lot of guys that can fit that role for Sean. We also have a great group of receivers and an offensive line that's been together for two years to help our two young draft picks."

What are your impressions of Dunta Robinson?

"About what we saw on film. He's a very competitive player. Even though we are not in full pads, you can see he's going to be a physical football player. We like his size and his length. He'll be a great addition to the young guys in the secondary. I think a lot of guys will learn a lot from him, both on and off the field."

How good was it to see Michael Turner at practice today?

"It was great to see Michael today. He had a severe ankle sprain last season and it's great to see him back. He's in outstanding shape and he reported in at a very good weight. He moved around extremely well in his first day back. The big thing for guys coming off injury is how they can handle back to back practices. We are very optimistic Michael is over that."



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