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Quotable: Head Coach Mike Smith


Head Coach Mike Smith


What do you have in a player like Sean Weatherspoon?**

"A very urgent and passionate football player that can play both the Sam and the Will linebacker in our scheme. He was very productive at the University of Missouri. I think he is a guy that is able to matchup and play tight ends as well as play in the box."

How does Sean fit into your scheme?

"Our outside linebackers are interchangeable. Basically a Sam can play at Will and a Will can play at Sam. Sean will be competing for an outside linebacker position."

**How important was it to get a play-maker in the first round?

**"In our division you are going to face some very athletic tight ends and that is something that we wanted to make sure that we had an opportunity to counteract. That position is crucial for our defense."

**One of the first things you mentioned was Weatherspoon's speed. Was that the first thing that caught your eye with this guy?

**"Yes, he is a guy that runs very well. He was a little heavier this year as a senior. His playing weight played lighter in the postseason all-star game. He is a guy that is a run and hit outside linebacker."

What is the one thing that Weatherspoon does that sets him apart?

"The thing that stood out the most was that in the Big XII Conference, they faced a lot of the spread offenses. He is able to play out in space and I have said many times that the game is becoming a spacing game. I think that it is a definite advantage to have guys that can run and matchup with tight ends and running backs that we are going to face in our division."

You all said that you like to accentuate the positives. Even Sean said that he was hearing complaints about his pass rushing ability. Was that a factor for you all? Do you require that of that position?

"Well it is not one of the biggest requirements. We like our linebackers to be able to blitz and have blitz ability, and that is something that you could see with his tackles for loss. He does have the ability to do that when he is the fifth or sixth pass rusher, he was very affective. Occasionally, they would rush him in four-man rushes and I think he alluded that it was one of things that he needed to improve on, when he was one of the four primary rushers. He has had very good body control to be able to sliver and blitz."



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