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Quotable: Head Coach Mike Smith


Q. How did practice go today?A. "I thought that it went well. We had a little longer day. We added our Pro Bowl voting today so our players had an opportunity to put their votes in for who's going to go to Miami this year and play in the Pro Bowl."

Q. Do you see a pretty tough scrap against Buffalo?
A. "I see a very tough team. Five of their losses have been by seven points or less. Three of them have been by three or less. They play a very physical style of football, both offensively and defensively. They run the ball very well. They have two physical running backs. Defensively, I really like the way that they play. They play with a lot of energy. Perry Fewell, who was their Defensive Coordinator and is now their Interim Head Coach, I think does a really nice job getting those guys ready to play."

Q. How do you read the defense? They've given up a lot of rushing yards but they also have the League lead in interceptions.
A. "They've had a couple of games where they've given up some explosive runs. I really feel that what they're doing schematically and scheme wise is very,very sound. They just had a couple of breakdowns in a couple of games. I think that they are a very good defense and they're very opportunistic, with 26 interceptions. Jairus Byrd has nine and leads their team. I know he went on the reserve injured list today. They've been very opportunistic, especially in taking the ball away with interceptions. That doesn't surprise me. Perry was a defensive backs coach before he was a defensive coordinator."

Q. With their current quarterback situation, how difficult does that make it for you to prepare?A. It's going to be a little bit difficult because there's not a whole lot of film on (Brian) Brohm, if Brohm were to be the quarterback. I think they're going to do what they've been doing all season long and that's featuring the run game. They want to try to run the football with (Fred) Jackson as their leading rusher and then (Marshawn) Lynch coming in as well. I don't think it's going to change a whole lot, we just haven't seen Brohm. We did a lot of work on Brian Brohm as we were preparing for the draft a couple of years ago when we were in the market for a quarterback."

Q. Can you talk about Marcus Stroud?
A. "Marcus is a big man. He's a very,very big man. He's played a lot of good football in his career. It was a pleasure to have him as a defensive tackle Jacksonville. You don't move him off the line of scrimmage; you don't move him out of the hole. You're going to have to get four hands on him, because he's going to be somebody that's going to require two blockers."

Q. What can you tell us about Matt Ryan's status today?
A. "Matt did not participate in practice today. He did go through the walk-thru this morning. We had anticipated that if he was going to play this past weekend, then that was going to be the course of action that we were going to take. We'll see where he is tomorrow morning, and if he's up to it then we'll get him out here and get some snaps. It's not anything as far as a set back. It was a course of action we were going to take regardless of how he felt, and I think he felt pretty good today."

Q. So you need to rest those turf toes?
A. "Yeah, we wanted to make sure that his foot is feeling as a best as it can. We're going to have to manage it definitely this week and probably next week as well."

Q. What is Michael Turner's status?
A. "Michael did not participate today. Michael didn't even work with the rehab people out here on the field. All of his work was done inside in the training room today."

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