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Quotable: Falcons vs. Redskins


Opening Statement:
"With our coaching staff, we talked about being resilient for 60 minutes and I think that was on full display today. I thought in the first half of the game, we were in complete control of that football game. Like in any NFL game they're going to fight, come out and play hard, and that's what the Washington Redskins did. In the third quarter I thought that they made a good run at us, but we were able to be very resilient through the entire 60 minutes. I was pleased to see that we were able to run for the second consecutive week. Michael Turner ran the ball efficiently. I was also pleased to see how the quarterback handled the no-huddle approach. He got us into two runs in the no-huddle situations that were touchdown runs. It was beautiful play calling by Matt (Ryan) in that no-huddle. With that, I'd like to say I'm really proud of the way our guys played."

Q. Was there in message this week with your victory after a couple of losses in a row?
A. "There wasn't really a message. Our guys were aware of the fact that this is the first time it occurred. I talked to them about the importance of coming off a short week that we were going to make sure that we were physically ready to go and in practice we did not practice in pads. We wanted to make sure that we were mentally ready prepared for the ball game. It wasn't a big message; they're aware of it. I thought that the guys came out and played extremely hard, and they were mentally on top of their game, especially in the first half."

Q. What was your view of the LaRon Landry play, and the hit on quarterback Matt Ryan?
A. "Those sidelines are very, very hectic during a game. Our quarterback was hit late and there was a squeamish over there. All I was trying to do was restore order to the sideline and did not want to get into a situation where any of our guys were injured. That was my view of it. Again, it happened so very, very quickly."

Q. It seemed like someone sort of got into the face of an ex-Falcon.
A. "There were a bunch of guys on that sideline. Some of them were wearing black helmets and some of them were wearing maroon helmets. I can't tell you anything more about it. It was very, very hectic on that sideline. There were a lot of things going on and my main goal was for the safety of our football team and restoring order."

Q. So you didn't notice anyone in particular?
A. "I can't tell you who was on that sideline. All I know is I was trying to get order restored over there before halftime."

Q. Can you talk about how the defense stepped up again?
A. "I thought our defense played extremely well to have a club record five sacks in the first half. To hold them to 69 net yards was a really good first half. The thing we need to do is put two halves together. That's the thing that we talk about all the time. There are a lot of players with ability in the League; it's the guys that can sustain it from play to play, from quarter to quarter, from half to half. It's something that we will have to address during this week as we get ready for the Carolina Panthers."

Q. Do you think the second half of your schedule will be easier?
A. "I know that we finished the second quarter 2-2. We're 5-3 at the halfway point. Beyond the next two ballgames I really can't tell you who we will play. I know that we have to go to Carolina next week in a division game, and then we head up to play the New York Giants. I really don't look beyond that. We try to be forward thinking, but not too forward thinking. We've got to make sure that we get our team prepared for the Carolina Panthers."

Q. Talk about Michael Turner's final touchdown play. There was a lot of confusion on their side.
A. "That was one of the two plays I mentioned earlier about Matt (Ryan) getting us into the right play. Matt saw what was happening on the defensive side of the ball. We have a young quarterback out there that can handle those situations and get us into the right play. Michael (Turner) ran extremely hard and was very decisive in running down hill."

Q. There's been a lot of criticisms on Matt Ryan the last couple of weeks. Do you think people just aren't noticing the little situations like getting the team into the right play?
A. "For the quarterback in the NFL, when things go well they talk about the quarterback. When things don't go well, they talk about the quarterback. Matt has played very well the entire season. I don't think you can judge a one game stretch, a two game stretch, or a three game stretch in terms of determining. I think that's talking points for a lot of folks. For us, we are working for the next game and making sure we make corrections on all levels of the football team. I don't think that contention that Matt is not playing well; I don't believe that at all. I think Matt's played very, very well."

Q. Did you do anything different to get Jonathan Babineaux free today?
A. "Jonathan was a man playing on a mission today. He had 10 tackles from the defensive tackle position. I thought Brain (VanGorder) and his staff, Ray Hamilton the Defensive Line Coach, continue to evaluate our guys and what their strengths are, and try to put them in situations where they can be successful. Babs just had one heck of a game today. We did some things different, just like each week. When we put our game plan together, our game plan is based on trying to put our guys in the most advantageous positions."

Q. How is Brian Finneran?
A. "I don't know anything on Brian. I saw Brian was back on the field at halftime, not in uniform, so it's going to be something that we'll have to wait until tomorrow and maybe a couple of days to see what the situation is with his knee."

Defensive End John Abraham

Q: What were your thoughts on the defense and their performance against Jason Campbell?
A: "There was some great pressure by the defensive line, the defensive backs and the linebackers. I think we did a great job of containing him and keeping him in the pocket. We let him get out of the pocket a few times, and he got a few yards on us, but all in all, we did a good job in the first half."

Q: It seemed like everyone on the defense was flying to the football. What are your thoughts?
A: "Everyone played well in the first half. The second half on the other hand, was a little shaky. Overall, the defense played well and came out with a win. We'll have to build on this win, because we have a tough game next week against Carolina."

Q: The game was almost a one-score game in the second half. Did you breathe a sigh of relief when Michael Turner scored that touchdown to extend the Falcons lead?
A: "We had confidence the whole game. Coming back after the half, we felt that it was our game to win. We gave a little too much in the second half. Overall, we stuck it out, and played well together as a team."

Tight End Justin Peelle

Q: What were your thoughts on the game?
A: "The defense played outstanding today. We got a few sacks, get a couple of turnovers, and really swarmed on the ball. This win was a team effort, but the defense really played well today."

Q: After the last two games, how does this win feel?
A: "This win feels great. We played hard in our last two games, against Dallas and the Saints, and didn't get the outcome we liked, but we kept grinding and got one today."

Q: What are your thoughts about your next game against Carolina?
A: "This next game is at their (Carolina's) place, so, it's going to be a challenge. They're playing really well right now. It's going to be tough, but, we're going to enjoy this win for another few hours, and get right back to work."

Wide receiver Roddy White

Q: What are your thoughts on the game?
A: "We ran the ball well today. Mike (Turner) did a good job. He scored on our first drive and he really set the tempo for us today. We made the plays that we had to make today."

Q: Everyone seemed lost in the third quarter and the offense really didn't get going until Mike (Turner) scored. What are your thoughts?
A: "We told each other to stay focused. The Redskins were hogging the ball and wouldn't let us on the field. When we got back out there, we knew we had to score. Mike (Turner) got a really big run, and it was a great call by Matt (Ryan) and our two man offense."

Q: Did De Angelo (Hall) say anything to you on the field and what was your view of what happened on the sideline?
A: "We really didn't say too much to one another. We just went out there and played. I was on the other side of the field, so, I saw the commotion, and I had a feeling that he (DeAngelo Hall) might have had something to do with it."

Defensive Tackle Jonathan Babineaux

Q: Pretty good day for you guys.
A: "We knew we had to get at them up front. We did that for the most part in the first half. Second half was a little bit shaky. We didn't start the way we wanted to. We gave up some big explosive plays in the second half. We just have to come back, look at film, and learn from our mistakes; and get out there next week against Carolina."

Q: You get the sacks. You guys had a couple in the first half. Then Campbell kind of negates of little bit of that pressure with his scrambling, how much did that hurt you?
A: "It hurt us big time. We tried to keep him in the pocket because we know what kinds of quarterback he is. He is very mobile. He got some key runs and some first downs. We just need to clean up our pass rushing lanes and try to keep him in there."

Q: 10 tackles, nine solo tackles, 2.5 sacks what where you able to do out there today?
A: "We know the type of scheme that they run. We knew we need to get off as a D-line and create havoc in the backfield. I think we did a wonderful job in the first half. Second half was a little bit shaky but we stuck it out and got the win."

Center Todd McClure

Q: Todd, just talk to me about how big this was. You lost two, you didn't want to lose three in a row, and you got the win over Washington.
A: "It was really big. The defense we played today was a good defense. Coming off a short week and trying to prepare was a challenge. We stepped up for the most part and got the job done. We got our running game going, which is big. You know, it's going to be important for us down the stretch to get Turner going. I think we're headed in the right direction."

Q: Talk about that running game. Michael Turner, for the second week in a row, did have a big game.
A: "It's huge. When you've got a guy that can get the running game going, you bring that extra safety down to stop the run. Then it opens up some things in the passing game. That's something in this league that you have to do: be able to run the football, and run in effectively; to make teams respect it."

Q: Talk about your coach he was pretty fired up on the sideline in the first half.A: "He's always like that. I love playing for him. I think everybody in this locker room does. He's always got your back. He is always looking out for his guys. Like this week in practice, we were banged up a little bit, we took the pads off and he took care of us. I think guys responded, came out here and played a good game. It wasn't always pretty but we got the job done."

Running back Michael Turner

Q: You were just getting through those holes, busting through the line of scrimmage and taking it to the house.
A: "I was trying to get some explosiveness and spark the team a little bit. We just go out there and make big plays. It was just happening out there. I really can't explain it."

Q: Something you guys saw on film, earlier in the week?
A: "No, we just want to go out there and improve every week. We last two weeks in a row. We just wanted to bounce back tough, and we did that this week."

Q: Offensive line, once again, paving the way.
A: "Oh yeah, they did a good job. Ovie (Mughelli) being back is making a difference. We're just making big plays right now."

Q: Offensively in the second half, it took you a while to get on the field. Once you were you took advantage of it.
A: "That was kind of tough, and being off the field like that, we came out flat. We got it going again. With a little no-huddle and stuff like that. That got us going."

Quarterback Matt Ryan

Opening statement:
A: "I think everybody is excited with the win. Coach Smith talked to us in the locker room about resiliency and we were able to translate that to the field. We made plays when we needed to and it is good to come up victorious. Our fast start in the first half gave us a boost which helped us entirely."

Q: On RB Michael Turner second half rushing touchdown.
A: "We were in a no-huddle situation at that point in the game. It felt like a good time to run the play given the fact that Michael had been running the ball downhill effectively. Our offensive line was playing very well in creating holes as well. Michael took advantage of each opportunity with which was given to him. He broke a lot of tackles and also made the Redskin players miss. As a team, we were able to sustain the run game all day."

Q: What is your opinion on the 5-3 record thus far in the season?
A: The important thing is that we're in the mix. Now it is going to come down to how we play in November and December. These last two months are crucially important to our football team and we're excited to take the challenge head on. Our goal is to make sure we win as many games as possible down the stretch."


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