Quotable: Falcons vs. Rams


ST. LOUIS -- Quotes from Falcons starters at halftime and postgame of the preseason contest against the Rams.

Quarterback Matt Ryan

Q: Talk about the overall production of the offense.
Everything starts up front. Those guys on the offensive line did a great job on the first drive opening up some holes. They provided great pass protection on the second drive. We came out and executed better than we did last week. We have to continue to take steps in the right direction during the preseason.

Q: Talk about connecting with Tony Gonzalez for a touchdown and your relationship with all of the receivers.
I was tight with the guys we had here last year. Tony has come in and fit in very well. He works so hard and I'm glad I have all of those weapons on the outside.

Running Back Michael Turner

Q: Talk about the Falcons offensive line and the production in the run game tonight.
We executed well and everybody is doing their job. We are being very effective right now.

Q: Talk about where you are this year compared to last year.
I feel much better coming into this year. Right now I just feel more comfortable and confident.

Tight End Tony Gonzalez

Q: Talk about the offensive attack against St. Louis tonight.
It's all part of the process. We had a plan and we were able to go out there and execute. I have to give it to the offensive line, giving Matt the protection. We had a very good night, but it's important that we don't rest on that and we go out there and keep improving. We have a long way to go.

Q: Talk about the touchdown connection with Matt Ryan in the first quarter.There was a blitz off the edge and we had the perfect play called. You have to give it to (Offensive Coordinator Mike Mularkey) because he called the perfect play. I went toward the corner, Matt threw it up there and it was a perfect back shoulder pass, just the way I like it. The defender really didn't have a chance. It was a really good throw by Matt.

Defensive End Lawrence Sidbury

Q: On tonight's game.
Stopping the run is fundamental. I think last week we didn't do as good a job of stopping the run and preventing explosive plays. We cut down on the explosive plays in this week's game and we also stopped the run on first and second down.

Q: On the current team and optimism.
Last season was last season. Coach Smith pretty much said our motto, 'be humble and hungry' and the team has embraced that. When I first got here, I wasn't here last season; the guys were focused and have dedicated themselves to each other and the season. Everyday in practice and each game we come out with a different attitude, because what we' done in the past doesn't matter.

Q: On the 2009 edition of the St. Louis Rams.
They did some good things and like every other team they have some things they need to improve on. So everyone's out here trying to work, everyone's working to get better.

Quarterback D.J. Shockley

Q: On his play during the game.
I think you can always play better and I felt like I could have played better. There were a couple situations where you are thinking about making something happen and you force some things in places you probably shouldn't have. Overall, there are a lot of things I can learn from this game.

Q: On what might happen for him the rest of the preseason.I have no idea and I think it is a situation where you have to be ready when your time is called. That is the biggest thing that you are prepared when your time is called and make the most of your opportunities.

Q: On going in early in the game.I knew I was going to go in after Matt (Ryan) late in the first quarter or early in the second quarter. I already had my mind ready when Matt was coming out and I was ready to go. It felt good to get into the game early and I was able to play and get a lot of snaps.

Wide Receiver Roddy White

Q: On Matt Ryan the leader.
Everybody wanted to give him every opportunity to be the leader on our team. He's the quarterback so pretty much he becomes the leader no matter how young you are.

Q: On Matt Ryan's ability to throw the ball.He just gets it there! It's anticipation. He just knows where to go with it. He barely misses throws, he hardly ever misses and that's the best thing about him.

Q: On tonight's game.
I think we did pretty well in our no-huddle offense. That was the biggest thing we wanted to do and I think we did pretty good in that phase of the game.

Q: On the difference one year makes.
It's a lot easier going, everybody's on the same page. We're back in the same offense, no more offensive coordinator changes and things like that. Just coming back and knowing everything, the pieces of the puzzle are here and we're excited about what is going to happen, especially in games. We're going to continue to grow and become a better offense. I don't think we're near where we can be at and we just have to keep the fire.


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