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Quotable: Dallas Cowboys


On the play of the defense:
"The defensive line was pushing the pocket and allowed us to push around the corner. Basically, that's what we've been missing. That's a hard team to sack. The main thing for us was that we had to get some pressure on (Matt Ryan) to make them make mistakes."

On going into the game knowing that the Falcons didn't allow many sacks:
"You're not going to get a lot of sacks against this team, but the main thing is that we had to rattle (Ryan) in the pocket and be in his face and I think that we did that today. We rattled him and got two interceptions back there, so it's not all about the sacks; it's getting in his face to get pressure."

On if the word stress fracture means something different to him than what it would to someone else:
"I think it does. I think I just got well during the week. The doctors and trainers took care of me and God healed me."

On if the play of the defensive backs helped the rest of the defense:
"Those guys in the back – Jenks (Mike Jenkins), Gerald (Sensabaugh) and all those guys were making plays, hitting those guys. They probably didn't want to catch it with the way they were hitting them. I think they forced at least two fumbles back there from catching it and then with them hitting them. So they gave us a little bit more time to get to the quarterback."

Bradie James

On making plays on defense:
"When it was time for guys to step up, we made plays. Defensively, we got some three-and-outs; offensively, we scored; on special teams, they stopped them and were kicking touchbacks and we got a score on special teams, so that's big. We've just got to continue to keep the ball rolling. The sky's the limit for this team, we've just got to not beat ourselves."

On stopping their offense:
"We didn't let them back in the game once we got ahead, though I hate that those guys scored at the end – it was a miscommunication. But defensively, we wanted to win the game because if they don't score, they can't win. So guys were really playing on the back end, d-line and linebackers, guys were really getting after them. We knew that if we stopped the run, we had to make number two (Matt Ryan) beat us. We kind of got him flustered and we pinned our ears back and guys were coming up with big tackles."

On winning a 'big game':
"This game was important so we definitely will enjoy this one because it was a big game and we beat a winning team. So all the naysayers can say whatever, but we beat a winning team so now we're rolling."

Gerald Sensabaugh

On his injured thumb:
"It's doing great. I had some times where it hurt a little bit, but the trainers did a great job giving me stability because my thumb didn't move. They did a great job and it was really tight. I'm just glad I was able to make plays out there and play a full game."

On looking like he wasn't holding anything back on the field:
"In the NFL you can't hold anything back. When you hold back, that's when the other team's scoring points. As long as I can play full speed, I'll be out there."

On holding down Tony Gonzalez:
"We did pretty good against him, though he did have a few catches. He's a great tight end who's going to be in the Hall of Fame and does a great job and is having a good season. But we had a pretty good game today. This victory was pretty much all three phases. We had big plays in certain points in the game and you should win a football game when all three phases are playing well."

On the play of the defensive backs:
"You saw a lot of big hits and not a lot of missed tackles. Guys were doing a good job out there just running to the football."


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