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Quotable: Chicago Bears


Opening Statement:
A: "We can't make those types of mistakes on the road against a good football team. In the red zone, we need to get some points. The turnovers really hurt us a lot. We have to be able to get points in those situations and that really hurt us. On the other side, defensively, especially early on, we had a chance to get a couple of take-aways, but we didn't take advantage of it. Special teams, of course, we had a couple bad plays. We definitely lost. We all contributed, of course, starting with me. We all have to do a better job. We don't have a whole lot of time to feel sorry for ourselves. We have Cincinnati coming up before we know it. Injury wise, Pisa Tinoisomoa went down with a knee injury and that's about all we know. He didn't finish the football game and of course there's concern when that happens."

Q: How did Pisa's injury effect the defense?
A: "We've gone through injuries before. It's the next guy up. I thought Jamar Williams stepped in and did a decent job. Again, Pisa is a good football player but we haven't played with him a lot here lately."

Q: How do you feel your run game did against this defense?
A: "They are a good football team. They are a 4-1 team. They have a decent defense. You're not going to always be able to run against them. I thought we did some good things at times."

Q: What are your thoughts on having Jay sneak when you were down on the one?
A: "We feel pretty good about the plays that were called."

Q: How do you feel about all the flags at the end?
A: "It was very disappointing. We put ourselves in a position to tie it in the end and even have a chance to win the game. We were kind of self destructive there."

Q: Is it perplexing that sometimes the offense is rather erratic?
A: "Team wise we are like that. We had our moments eventually. We just didn't start fast and finish strong. We'll come back. It was one football game. We are disappointed in it, but we'll get back on the practice field and correct these things."

Quarterback Jay Cutler

Q: You had a chance to win at end?
A: "Obviously, you get the ball down there, you have a chance. Yeah, we had a chance."

Q: How would you describe the offense today?
A: "We just need to go back to the film, see what we did wrong, make the corrections and get ready for next week."

Q: Talk about the first interception you made.
A: The safety (Thomas DeCoud) made a good play and I just missed that one."

Q: What about your second interception?
A: "I overthrew it."

Q: Talk about the play of Desmond Clark and Greg Olsen.
A: "They played really well today and I am happy for those guys. Especially Greg. We probably didn't call his number as much as he would like, but he made some plays when I threw the ball up in the air for him."

Tight End Greg Olsen

Q: On the team's overall inconsistent play.
A: "I thought speaking for the offense that we moved the ball fairly consistently throughout the game. We had some plays that really hurt us and didn't get points out of a couple of red zone chances. We didn't make enough plays to win and they did. That's pretty much what it came down to."

Q: Is this loss tough to swallow?
A: "We didn't play very well and had the chance to beat a very good team on the road. That's about all that we got out of it. It's a tough one the way that it went down. We just have to bounce back and get ready for next week."

Offensive Tackle Orlando Pace

Q: Is this a tough loss to swallow?
A: "It was a mistake on my part (false start at 5 yard line on fourth down). I have to get better and move on to next week."

Q: Coach Smith described the performance as erratic. Is that a good description?
A: "I think it was. We made some mistakes down the stretch so we'll go back and work harder and get ready for Cincinnati."


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