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Quinn Driven to Build Best Culture in Pro Sports

The Falcons run game was a crucial part of creating the No. 1 scoring offense in 2016. Here are a few of our favorite shots of running backs Devonta Freeman, Tevin Coleman and Terron Ward.

It's been nearly two months since Super Bowl 51, and while the Falcons plan on using that defeat as motivation, Dan Quinn has put last year behind him and honed his focus on a pivotal offseason.

During a media scrum Wednesday at the owners' meetings in Arizona, Atlanta's head coach addressed the loss to New England and shared his desire to move forward.

"The first little bit after the game, it's way more counselor than coach," he said. "We had tears, but no finger pointing because how tight our team is. Then, man, you go back and you battle for it again. You go through that process, and then you've got to turn [the page]. This is 2017, and that's really what's coming down the pipe for us."

Quinn has spent a lot of time this spring working with his new staff, making sure the incoming coaches understand Atlanta's philosophy and vision. Doing so helps the team mentally "reset" the way it does after every game.

"Our mindset to go about it – how do we reset for our offseason? The way we approach it, we try to make the big things small," he said. "When you're able to make the big things small and just say, 'Alright, what are we going to get accomplished here in this offseason program?' we're not worried about training camp, we're not worried about when the new players coming here making the team. All I want them to see is how good they can get, and [to ask] can their connection to one another get stronger?"

Quinn's attention will soon turn to the roster, which, after the draft, will include a new Rookie Club. In 2016, Quinn asked his players to have the best offseason of their lives, and he has issued the same challenge this spring.

Setting standards that high makes it possible for the Falcons to build a unique atmosphere at Flowery Branch.

"One of our goals, for me especially, can we create the best culture in professional sports?" Quinn said. "That's a tremendous challenge, but it's one with the players and the coaches that I want to help undertake."

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