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Quinn: Defensive Miscues Come Down to Execution

As the Falcons look to rebound from back-to-back defeats, the team will be focused on cutting down the number of points they surrender. Atlanta currently ranks 27th in the NFL in points allowed per game (28.4) and has given up at least 26 points in six of seven contests this year.

When asked by a reporter if the defensive breakdowns have to do with communication or youth, head coach Dan Quinn said neither.

"I'd say it has to do with execution," Quinn said following Atlanta's loss to the Chargers. "We have belief in the guys and we have plenty of time left in the system. We'll go back. We'll get those ones corrected. We'll look at those tomorrow.

"There were some good stops, too. I was pleased with the defense. We had an interception, and we had a defensive touchdown. I don't want to paint it all in the negative, there were some good plays made by them as well."

San Diego was able to rally on Sunday thanks in large part to eight explosive plays — all of which occurred on passes. Those big gains, coupled with Philip Rivers' success on short and intermediate throws, helped the Chargers stage a 17-point comeback and win in overtime.

"We definitely had them. I definitely feel like we should have won, but you have to give them the credit," Desmond Trufant said. "They kept fighting and kept chipping the lead down. You have to give them the credit, but we definitely should have put this one away.

"It was definitely frustrating, but sometimes that's how the game goes. We still had opportunities to put them away. That's what kind of hurts because we had multiple chances to end the game. We will watch the film and we'll be ready next week."

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