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QB Matt Ryan Addresses Red Zone Woes

The Falcons' offense struggled to convert in the red zone on Sunday, as they were only able to come away with one touchdown on four trips.

QB Matt Ryan didn't shy away from saying this was unacceptable, saying he and the rest of the offense will have to be better in this area moving forward.

"We're disappointed with how it went today but we've got to get back to work and find a way to be better next week," Ryan said. "I'm sure everybody in our building is going to work really hard to do that. We got ourselves off schedule a little bit, had some penalties down there, which we control those. When you have procedural penalties, those are things we have to eliminate. That's something we control and something that we can do better. As far as some of the other drives, we'll have to take a look and see why we didn't execute as well we would like. At this point, it's just third downs and red zone, we've got to be good there offensively and we weren't there today."

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