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Project 115


Project 115 is an appeal to the incredible Atlanta fan base to RISE UP to unprecedented levels at Saturday's Divisional Playoff game against the Green Bay Packers. We're already one of the loudest venues in the NFL, and Saturday, we're kicking it up a notch...

The Task: 115 ON 1/15

It's simple, really. Get to 115 decibels when the Falcons are on defense Saturday night. On Wednesday, Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers acknowledged his expectations for crowd noise at the Dome, and we know Saturday's crowd will rise up beyond anyone's wildest expectations.

The Falcons organization has tracked Georgia Dome game day decibel levels since the start of the 2008 season. The Dome noise level was measured over 115 once before: a 117.9 decibel reading at the end of a thrilling, last-second comeback win over the Chicago Bears on October 12, 2008. The 2010 season peak noise level was measured at 111.4 decibels during a November 12 Thursday night victory over the Ravens. The average level of noise at any given time during all 2010 regular season games combined was 101.1 dB.

We're asking for consistent peaks over 115 decibels. And we're going to help you by letting you know how you're doing. During Saturday's playoff game, we'll be periodically cutting live on the big Georgia Dome video boards to show the actual decibel level meter we're using to measure the sound levels. You'll know exactly how loud the crowd is at that point in time, helping you reach and exceed the 115 decibel threshold.

# The Backstory

Project 115 grew out of fan recommendations via the long-established FalconsLife message boards ( and the team's official Twitter and Facebook accounts. A series of recent message board posts, emails, tweets and Facebook messages suggested the organization implement a real-time in-game display of the noise level so the crowd could quantify their impact on the game and prompt them to push the level even higher.

When you get to your seat Saturday, you'll receive a handy Project 115 flier reminding you of your goal.

# Download Your Own Decibel Meter

Both the Android and iPhone mobile phone platforms offer free decibel readers in their respective App Stores. Below are two free apps with which we've had a positive experience.

### Android

### iPhone

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