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Ovie's World: They're All Must-Wins


Winning in the NFL is probably one of the greatest feelings you can get as a player and losing is probably one of the worst you can get as a player.

I remember being so excited after the Eagles game and I wanted to hold on to that feeling, because I remember distinctly how I felt after the Bears game and it's even worse losing for the second time this season.

Going on this roller-coaster ride or this yo-yo — whatever you want to call it — is not fun and it's not going to get us to where we need to be, so Sunday's loss was something that definitely bothered me and irritated me.

But with Coach Mike Smith's 24-hour rule, you've got to put that aside and move on to the next team. We only get 24 hours to think about a loss or celebrate a win and we're very serious about sticking to that.

If you really want to play your best against the next team, you can't just mourn and keep on thinking about what happened in the past.

Some people will say our next game is a must-win. Of course, it is. They all are.

You've got to look at every game as a must-win. Any game you look at and think, "Oh, we could lose this game and we'll be all right," you're probably going to lose.

You have to have that mindset to refuse to leave a field with a loss. We definitely have that mindset with Seattle whether we won the last game or we lost the last game because we're trying to put ourselves in position to be competitive near the end of the season.

We're going to do everything we can on this side, starting Wednesday, to get there.

Seattle's going to bring everything they've got at us, including their fanbase. Playing at CenturyLink Field is fun.

I've said it before. I love away games. I love away crowds. I love that whole "us against the world" mentality.

Seattle's one of the best places to get that. The way the stadium is built, it encompasses and encircles you. It's almost looking down on you. You feel like the seats are curving up and the fans are all looking down at you.

The noise is so centered when they start getting real loud.

I actually played my last college bowl game for Wake Forest in the Seattle Bowl at that field. I remember thinking that it'd be great to play in the NFL because it'd be great to play on this field again.

Lo and behold, I made it to the NFL and I've been to Seattle a couple of times. Each time I go, it's always a wonderful experience.

Especially when we win.

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