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Ovie's World: Popular Dance Returns


Man, it feels good to win.

I say that every time we win because we have this roller-coaster, yo-yo thing going on with wins and losses and the losses are so bad because we know we're capable of more, so actually achieving wins and getting back to our phrase of "Falcons football" is a great feeling.

The last game was even more special for me because I got to contribute more — not only blocking but I caught a couple of passes. It's always nice when your quarterback and your offensive coordinator believe in you to carry the ball, catch passes and help out across the board, and I was happy to score touchdowns, get a win, play well on special teams and have a complete game.

Coach Smith said Monday that he expects me to petition for more runs and catches. That never stops.

I never stop petitioning. I've got a whole campaign on the Internet — the fans, my mom chips in every now and again — and I'm always trying to let the team know that I'm more than just your average big, bruising, blocking fullback.

I think they know, but I still joke with them all the time and let them know that I've got the hands of a wide receiver. I'm really a wide receiver stuck in a fullback's body.

When I did my best impression of a wide receiver scoring a touchdown last Sunday, you may have noticed I brought back a popular dance to Atlanta — The Dirty Bird.

Actually, I brought back the first quarter of it.

I was trying to bring back the rest, but Matt Ryan and the rest of the team were pretty excited and kept on trying to dap me up, celebrate, chest bump and I couldn't get the whole Dirty Bird in.

But I'm definitely bringing it back. It'll be my staple and I'll put my little twist on it — my own unique Ovie Mughelli version of the Dirty Bird.

But on to Detroit.

Detroit is going to be a new team for a lot of guys on the roster. The Lions are definitely a hot team — a loss or no loss last week. They're doing great this year.

I'm happy for their success after struggling for so long, but we're not going to look at them any different than any team we have to beat. They're just a team in our way and we have to prepare for them like they're one of the best — because they are.

We have to do everything we can at practice to put ourselves in the best position to win at the end of the day.

Preparation for me starts with Detroit's defense, and they've got a good one. Thank God for me, I don't have to deal much with Ndamukong Suh or Nick Fairley, but I'm going to cheer my centers and guards on to have a great game against them.

Those two are beasts and luckily they're not lined up as linebackers and I don't have to deal with them on a consistent basis. But if I do have a chance to help out an O-lineman, I'm definitely going to do so because those guys are a handful.

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