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Ovie's World: Moving On


Sunday's loss was painful. It was our first real chance to see what we can do and we just expected a lot more out of ourselves.

At the same time, we've got enough veteran leadership to know that the world isn't over. All the teams in the NFC South lost last weekend. Not that that makes it any better or easier, but we're looking at it as, that game's over and we've got another chance to get back on top and we've got to take advantage of it.

The more time we spend feeling sorry for ourselves, the more time we lose getting ready for the Eagles.

I didn't play much Sunday. I wish I could have finished out the game. I had some issues to take care of, but I do know that I'll do whatever I can to get back on the field and be effective to help my team win.

It's hard to want to help your team out and not be able to, so you try to put yourself in position to stay in the game all the time.

You don't want to be a cheerleader, but if that's all you can do then that's what you try to do. Whether it's using your eyes to try to see things that my teammates miss or just trying to encourage them and keep the spirits high, I do what I can to help the team.

On to the Eagles. Philadelphia has a good defense. They've been good, and they have some new guys over there.

I'm sure they're tired of the whole "Dream Team" phrase, but they have a lot of good players, which is why people throw that around. We've got to come with our best game and try to be more physical and execute more than they do.

We're back in the Dome this week and I love home games. We have the home record we do over the past few years because we love our fans, we love our city and we love playing at home.

We take it personally when people come into our house and try to push us around.

That's not something we just talk about.

We display it on the field.

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