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On The Clock: Week 5


There's never a dull moment when managing editor Jay Adams and creator Dave Choate get together and talk. The two share a love of the Falcons and a unique sense of humor. The two Internet mavens decided to let Falcons fans in on their instant message conversations in a new Draft weekly series called On the Clock

Dave Choate: I don't know if you're aware of this, Jay, but the NFL draft is less than a month away.

Jay Adams: I do know this. I wrote it on my calendar. My Atlanta Falcons Cheerleaders calendar.

DC: I sense a hint of pride in that statement.

JA: It's one of my most prized possessions. That and my authentic replica Facts of Life figurine set.

DC: Dare I ask where you got that from?

JA: That's better left unsaid.

DC: I'm nervously laughing as we speak.

DC: But I guess we were talking about the draft.

DC: Or a drat.

DC: A raft?

DC: Shoot.

JA: One of those. Hang on. I'll flip my three-sided coin.

JA: OK, topic of conversation is...

JA: Draft.

DC: Three-sided coin?

DC: Dare I....

DC: No. I don't

JA: Just leave it.

DC: You got it.

DC: You know what caught my eye just the other day, Jay?

JA: A delicious donut?

DC: Yes.

DC: But after I ate that, I also saw a report that there's going to be a lot of trading in the back end of the first round.

DC: And naturally, the first thing I thought of was a Boston creme donut.

DC: And the second thing I thought of was how great it would be if the Falcons could pick up extra picks by trading down with some quarterback-starved squad.

JA: This is a school of thought I'm quickly enrolling in. I always thought it was a possibility at the start of the offseason, but now I'm starting to look at it as a probability.

JA: I keep hearing that Carolina is going to pull the trigger on a quarterback. Denver is also talking about starting a collection of them, a la Tampa Bay under Jon Gruden. If that's the case, there's gonna be a couple teams in the mid-first looking around saying, "Well, that's just great! Now, what do we do?"

DC: So you're saying the Falcons could move up?

DC: Heretic!

JA: No, no, no. I'm saying the Falcons could be prime candidates to move down. Those teams left shrugging their shoulders while searching for a quarterback will likely take some of the players the Falcons are targeting. If that happens and there's no one the Falcons like at No. 27, look out below, because the Falcons are trading back.

DC: I definitely like the idea. There are so many good prospects that are likely to be second round picks this year.

DC: Why, it's a virtual smorgasbord of talent.

JA: And if there's one thing I know, it's smorgasbords. And you're absolutely right. There are actually more players around in the second that excite me than those that will likely be there in the first.

DC: I agree.

DC: I think the thought of getting a second round pick or two and being able to get Allen Bailey, James Carpenter, Sam Acho, Torrey Smith...

DC: Well, pinch me.

JA: Imagine getting Titus Young and Allen Bailey. Or Sam Acho and Jerrel Jernigan. Or peanut butter AND jelly.

JA: It's enough to get a grown man giddy.

DC: Teehee!

DC: Ahem.

DC: Let's hope for that scenario, then.

JA: I have seen reports, and I wrote about it this week, that the Falcons could take a nice, hard look at Notre Dame tight end Kyle Rudolph at No. 27 if he's the most attractive player there.

DC: That's a divisive move.

DC: On one hand, Rudolph is a talented pass-catching tight end.

DC: On the other hand, I know contingents of angry fans who want to go nowhere near tight end in the first round.

DC: I lean more toward the camp that says if he's the best player there, you take him.

JA: I do, too. But for me, it would depend on what I could get for the No. 27 pick if I was looking to trade back. If I can get an extra second and an extra third, I might give that some heavy consideration.

DC: I would do that in a heartbeat.

DC: As much as I like Rudolph, I don't think he's such a game-changer that you forfeit the chance to pick up extra players, especially with Thomas Dimitroff's track record.

JA: I like the idea of more players with talent than just one player with talent. Two is more than one, by my math.

DC: Not by my math.

DC: When I add one plus one, I get six.

DC: Could be something wrong with my abacus.

JA: I think you're carrying the three.

DC: It's really heavy, too.

JA: Well, what can you do? Me myself, I can't math.

DC: And I can't Englishify.

DC: Alas.

JA: I'll tell you, Dave, this whole thing is always so complicated, however, that you find yourself asking just about anyone what they think. I asked the checkout girl at the grocery store last week who she thinks we should draft.

JA: She told me we should take a chance on Tony, the 73-year-old bagger.

DC: I hear that guy can juke a runaway shopping cart.

DC: He's worth a look in the third.

JA: I'll let him know next time I'm there.

DC: Much appreciated.

DC: What other prospects consume your thoughts these days?

JA: I'll tell you what, I don't care what way he comes, but I'd love to see Titus Young in a Falcons uniform. He's so dynamic. If I was an offensive coordinator in the NFL, my mouth would be watering to get that kid into my system.

DC: Do you see him in the slot for the Falcons, or outside, or all over the field, or in a blimp, or on a bus...

DC: I could go on.

JA: I see him in a box with a fox wearing socks.

JA: But I also see him as a Desean Jackson clone. He can be used all over the field. And if the Falcons are looking to get more explosive, I think this kid has gun powder in his blood.

DC: I think if they can trade down and grab him in the second.

DC: That's value!

JA: Yep. He's definitely a guy who could still be sticking around into the second. Trade down and he's all yours. I mean, ours. I mean, you know what I mean.

DC: I certainly do.

DC: I think a mix of offense and defense is critical.

DC: Can't overlook weaknesses.

JA: Nope, but what I like reading — and I've seen it from a lot of analysts — is that the Falcons don't have a lot of needs. And it's true. I think there are a couple of areas that could use immediate help, some that need depth and the rest is picking for luxury.

DC: I think that's true.

DC: But I also think the team can't afford to sit on their high horses. If they have those.

DC: Always upgrade.

JA: We have regular sized horses. And we keep them out behind the dorms.

DC: Good place for them.

DC: The only problem with trading down is that we can't get Gabe Carimi.

DC: And I know how that will devastate you.

JA: True, but I'm starting to think he'll be long gone by the time our pick comes around. If that's the case, a couple of second round stars aren't a bad consolation prize.

DC: Not one little bit.

DC: To back this up a little bit, since we're talking about tackles, I'm increasingly impressed with James Carpenter in the second round.

JA: Do tell.

DC: I'm hearing a lot about his athleticism, and analysts are saying he could play left tackle right away, which by the transitive power of tackles means he could play the right side.

DC: And I just don't know how to pass up a capable right tackle.

DC: Gives me the vapors!

JA: Simmer down there, Rhett. We've still got a few weeks until the draft.

DC: I don't know if I can survive that long. I've wandered through this wasteland for too many weeks.

JA: Well, we've got a few more to go. Have some Cheez-It's and try to relax.

DC: You know, I'll never be able to eat those again without thinking about Allen Bailey beating an alligator to death with them.

DC: I blame you for that.

JA: I'm comfortable with that.

DC: Bold prediction time!

DC: Who are the Falcons going with as of right now?

JA: If I absolutely have to decide...

JA: And it looks like I do...

JA: Because you've asked me to...

JA: Which automatically means I must...

JA: I say the Falcons will...

JA: Trade back.

DC: Shatner?

DC: Is that you?

JA: There's...

JA: Something on the wing...

JA: Some...

JA: Thing!


JA: I've never wrapped anything up with a Shatner reference. It's... kind of... awesome.

DC: If you haven't seen the Captain Kirk is climbing a mountain music video, well, you haven't lived.

JA: I haven't seen it and I feel like life is just peachy.

DC: That's just because you haven't seen it.

JA: Now I have homework for the week.

DC: Definitely!

DC: You'll be glad you did.

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