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On The Clock: Week 1


There's never a dull moment when managing editor Jay Adams and creator Dave Choate get together and talk. The two share a love of the Falcons and a unique sense of humor. The two Internet mavens decided to let Falcons fans in on their instant message conversations in a new Draft weekly series called On the Clock

Dave Choate: So I hear there's a draft coming up. That's just something I heard.

Jay Adams: Where'd you hear that?

DC: I heard it through the grapevine, myself.

DC: You don't get great reception through that.


JA: Funny with all the technology available that you're still using that thing.

DC: Call me old-fashioned.

JA: You're old-fashioned.

DC: I did ask for that.

JA: Yeah, you did. I've been looking over some mocks lately. Interesting range of opinions out there. I'm surprised no one has the Falcons taking a kitchen sink with the 27th pick.

DC: That's because the kitchen sink's 40 time was abysmal, frankly.

DC: And it doesn't have a lot of upside.

JA: I think he can be had in the fourth round, personally.

DC: I'd even say the fifth. Mel Kiper is not high on the sink.

DC: But there's a HUGE range of opinion out there, that's true.

JA: Your gut telling you anything?

DC: I mostly rely on that for hunger purposes.

DC: But in between asking for a cheeseburger, my gut did tell me that Ryan Kerrigan is the likeliest pick at 27.

JA: Ahh, you're still part of last week's crowd, I see. I've seen experts jump like rats off that sinking ship. Well, actually rising ship, because Kerrigan seems to be climbing some boards.

JA: Not that rats would jump from a climbing ship... rats... you know what I mean.

DC: Maybe they're really athletic rats.

DC: I'm willing to let the metaphor stand.

JA: Thank you. I'm wary of it simply because I wouldn't see a need to jump from a rising ship. But you were saying something?

DC: I might have blacked out there for a second, because I could have sworn you were talking about rats and ships.

DC: But I still think Kerrigan's the likeliest pick.

DC: He's the best pass rusher likely to be left available at 27.

DC: Unless the Falcons throw that sucker in reverse and trade back into the second round, that is.

JA: I dunno. I'm starting to think Kerrigan will be on a plane to his new home by the time the Falcons get on the clock. His stock really went up after the Combine. Trade back is always a possibility, especially if things get wacky before the Falcons pick.

DC: Well, I don't want to report rumors.

DC: But I heard Thomas Dimitroff has a bumper sticker on his car that says "pass rusher or bust."

DC: So I could see them moving back if the second round bargain bin's the only thing that's left come No. 27.

DC: But then, I've been wrong before.

JA: The great thing about this draft is that there's so much talent and some really deep positions that good value could be found in the second. Like, I'm talking really good talent.

DC: And why stop at the second?

DC: Keep swinging that pickax and you might find some diamonds in the later rounds.

DC: Hopefully without rats jumping off them.

JA: Well, one thing's for sure, you can't swing a dead cat and not hit a quality defensive end in this draft. There sure are a lot of them.

DC: I'm thinking they might be disgusted if you swung a dead cat at them.

DC: But I am from New England.

DC: I really like Sam Acho and Allen Bailey in the second, myself.

DC: Different guys, but both talented enough to make an impact on the Falcons' line.

DC: And we could use that impact.

JA: I spoke with both of them at the Combine. In fact, I covered Allen Bailey when he was in high school. He's an extremely hard worker and a terror on the field, but I could see him needing some work. I was very impressed with Acho's time at the podium. Seems like a very smart kid with a good head on his shoulders. Nice size, too.

DC: He's flattered, I'm sure.

DC: I think this team needs a dominant pass rusher, so I'm willing to take one wherever he rears his head.

DC: If he is indeed inclined to rear his head.

JA: How do you rear a head? Is it anything like child-rearing? Some phrases I've never understood. Like, more choices than you can shake a stick at. Who is shaking a stick at choices? Why the need to shake a stick in the first place? What are you trying to prove?

DC: Maybe those choices are on your front lawn.

DC: And darn it, you want to get them off there.

JA: I'm not that old yet, but I'm getting there.

DC: My brain is a frightening place to journey into.

DC: Buy yourself a stick.

DC: It's a sound investment.

JA: You really should charge admission.

DC: It's really more of a Halloween thing, I think.

DC: But that's not a bad idea.

DC: Were we talking about the Falcons at one point? I don't know!

JA: I think so.

DC: C'est la vie, as the Polish say.

JA: I'm Polish and I don't even know how to pronounce that.

JA: I won't hold it against you for bringing that up. What I will hold against you is if you think the Falcons need — desperately, even — to take a wide receiver with that first-round pick.

DC: They need a wide receiver with a first-round pick about as desperately as ... something that's not desperate.

DC: I'm a regular wordsmith.

DC: But seriously, there's a wealth of receivers in this draft.

DC: The Falcons might be better off targeting a dude like Edmond Gates in the third or fourth round than splurging on Titus Young in the first.

DC: Gates is intriguing because he's so darn fast.

JA: I like Gates, and I like Young. I think Young is going to be the next DeSean Jackson. I also like a kid like Leonard Hankerson from Miami, but I'm starting to think he's going to be slipping into the late first round.

DC: I'm actually a big Hankerson fan.

DC: You could say I've got a hankering for Hankerson, even.

DC: But you probably shouldn't.

JA: At least you don't hanker for a hunk of cheese.

DC: Not at the moment, anyways.

DC: But if Hankerson could be had at 27, and the pass rushers were gone, and Thomas Dimitroff was really sure...

DC: I could see that.

DC: Every draft since the current regime has come aboard has kept me on my toes.

DC: Like a rat trying to stay above water on a sinking ship.

JA: Or a rising ship

DC: If it's rising out of the water, I guess that's true.

DC: Might be overthinking this.

JA: I regret ever bringing it up.

DC: That's fair.

DC: One dark horse pick I could see in the first round is offensive line.

JA: Oh, absolutely. There are a couple of places on the field where you can't have enough depth. Defensive back is one of them, and offensive line is certainly another. There are some real gems out there, too.

DC: Agreed.

DC: I would be thrilled if the Falcons could get their hands on Gabe Carimi, myself.

DC: I think he's more or less the prototypical NFL tackle.

DC: Be still, my heart.

JA: I'm a huge fan of his. He's a big, nasty guy you definitely want on your side. He's from Wisconsin. A Badger. Ever seen a badger in real life? They're vicious.

DC: The honey badger is the world's most awesome creature.

JA: Only known predator to snakes, I believe.

DC: Yes.

DC: And if you've seen that one video, they can take cobra bites and get back up.

DC: That's what I want from my offensive lineman.

JA: What? Anti-venom running through his veins? I guess that couldn't hurt. Not sure how that would affect a player's draft status.

DC: Mel Kiper will find a way to use it, I'm sure.

DC: But I do agree that the word of the day for this draft is depth.

DC: And that plays right into the Falcons' wheelhouse.

JA: Yeah, so true. Coach Smith talked about it all year. It was a huge help to the team throughout the season, and I think the ability to cycle players in and out at a bunch of positions ultimately kept the team healthier throughout the year. It would never hurt to build on that asset again this year.

DC: I think it's in the team's blood to do it.

JA: Anti-venom?

DC: That, too.

DC: There are a lot of snakes in Atlanta, from what I understand.

JA: A couple. I don't go outside, so I don't really know.

DC: Well, the sun is evil.

DC: Or so I've heard.

JA: Well, I sweat doing long division, so I try to stay out of any kind of situation that will put me in a lather.

DC: And yet I heard you declared for the draft? I'm not sure if you're aware of this, but some football games are played outside, Jay.

JA: I'm out, then. I'll have to call my agent.

DC: I really need to know who your agent is now.

JA: This guy.

DC: Good Lord, that smile is oily.

JA: Nice guy. Loves cats.

DC: I never would've guessed.

DC: Just shows you can't judge a book by its cover.

JA: Anyway, I gotta run and start dinner. Hot Pockets tonight.

DC: They're the filet mignon of microwaveables, I've found. Good choice.

JA: Isn't there a filet mignon that is microwavable? I'd be surprised if there wasn't.

DC: If there isn't, I've got a lucrative second career in mind.

JA: I want in on that, Choate.

DC: I couldn't leave you out, my friend.

JA: Smart move, sir. Smart move. Well, I'll catch you next week. We'll see how much things have changed by then.

DC: Should be much more to talk about.

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