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Morris' Energetic Style Welcomed By WR Group

Following the 2015 season, several roster moves and even some coaching changes occurred, most notably the departure of longtime wide receivers coach Terry Robiskie, who accepted a job as the Tennessee Titans' offensive coordinator.

For every door that closes, another one opens, and that's exactly what happened for Raheem Morris.

Instead of looking outside for a replacement for Robiskie, head coach Dan Quinn didn't have to look far down his coaching staff to find his new wide receivers coach.

In fact, he happens to be his right hand man, his assistant head coach and former passing game coordinator.

Morris took over the new role in January, a decision Quinn made with much certainty in his ability to teach and connect with players.

"I'm looking for the best coach and you are one of the best teachers and connectors with players that I have had the chance to be around," Quinn said to Morris when approaching him about the new opportunity.

After one week of OTAs, it's easy to see the impression Morris has made with his receivers, including Eric Weems, a nine-year veteran player who has seen several different position coaches.

"It's exciting, Weems said of Morris' new role. "He is very responsive to the learning. It's a group effort, we are bringing him along, he's bringing us along. His energy is everything. He has a great mindset with our group, he's a great coach. He makes everything possible for us."

Much like what Quinn said when explaining the logic behind Morris' move, his personality coupled with his knowledge makes this a move that could truly benefit Atlanta moving forward.

"His strength is keeping the guys energized," Weems explained. "He's very energetic, from sun up to sun down. He's energized, he's loud, he like to have fun and that's what we need."

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