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Morris: A Proven Teacher of the Game

There are several words that come out of Dan Quinn's vernacular more often than not: teacher, connector and developer are a few. These are also words that describe Raheem Morris, a man that Quinn has known for over 19 years.

While some might question the logic behind former passing game coordinator, Morris, moving to offense, Quinn has the utmost confidence in the transition.

Quinn prides himself on being a teacher and mentor, as well as a coach to his players, and he has built his staff with men who share those same character traits. He and his coaches remain in the process of building a culture centered on competition, grit and determination.

No one better exemplifies those qualities than Morris.

With 14 years of NFL coaching experience, Morris has seen it all. Known for his high-energy approach, very similar to Quinn's, Morris' ability to connect with players allows him to reach them on a different level—one that drives athletes to want to be the best— day in and day out.

There was no doubt in Quinn's mind that Morris was the right man for this job, and Morris has repeatedly shown willingness to do what is needed to win.

The conversation between the two on the move was a brief one, where Quinn shared his vision and Morris was more than accepting of it.

"I'm looking for the best coach and you are one of the best teachers and connectors with players that I have had the chance to be around," Quinn said to Morris when approaching him about the new opportunity.

Morris will spend the offseason learning the offensive playbook and studying his group of wide receivers.

The 39-year-old brings a unique perspective, as he had the chance to watch the offense during practice every day this past season.

"I have no doubt his extensive background in the passing game will prove to be a tremendous asset to our offensive coaching staff," Quinn said.

Quinn has a clear vision for his staff and his team, and Morris' personality combined with the proven talent on the roster at this position, there's no reason to believe this isn't a promising pairing.

"I know it's a unique role, but it's one I am absolutely thrilled about," Quinn said.

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