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4cd9a842b6973d5706010000.jpg contributing writer Daniel Cox brought you Stories from the Stands yesterday, but we received so many great stories from Falcons fans that we had to share them with you. Here's the best of the rest of what we gathered from you, the fans, about how much this 2010 Falcons team and all it has accomplished has meant to you

Jill Bennett, Section 325: "I was very familiar with the players on the 1980 Falcon team and felt very connected. The 2010 Atlanta Falcons Rise Up above all others. I'm so proud of these guys and have a special place in my heart for each and every one of them." * Jenny Meyers, Section 245: "Loving the Falcons is what I am about. I've been a fan for as long as I can remember, even when I wasn't living in Atlanta for school. This is my fifth year with season tickets, fourth in my current seats. I have taken two "newbies" to games this year, my best friend and my 13 year old nephew. They were astounded by the actual size of the Dome and the field and were supremely impressed with the Verizon Wireless Club and the noise we as fans are capable of making to support our boys." * Eddie Bruce, Section 312: "It all takes me back to those days with Bart (Steve Bartkowski), and Andrews (Willie Andrews), Jenkins (Alfred Jenkins), Riggs (Gerald Riggs). I love the history of the team (despite that there are only a few seasons that stand out). I have been a life-long Falcons fan. I grew up in Savannah, so early on I did not get to come to many games, but I remember coming to a Monday night game against the Dolphins in the early 70s and the big game against the Cowboys. I have been a season ticket holder off and on since the early 80's (probably 20 years total). We came back this time, when Mr. Blank bought the team and have been here since." * Hal Moore, Section 319: "After all of the pain, frustration, and heartache that this fan base has been through, we deserve this. Like Samuel L. Jackson says, 'This is our time Atlanta!' It's our turn. We, as fans, have stuck beside this team for better or worse, and it's been mostly worse over the years. Now (head coach Mike) Smith, (general manager Thomas) Dimitroff, (owner Arthur) Blank, and the team have the chance to wash away the pain of 44 years of coming up short. For the first time in my life, I truly feel like the 12th man. I, like every other Falcons fan, am a part of what is happening with this team. It's not that this year is different, but this year was the year that the culture of this organization began to change and spread outside the walls of Flowery Branch." * Loni Carter, Section 331: "It's amazing how things change once you have kids, especially boys. I embraced football so much, that I am now at the point of being obsessive. In 2010 we purchased our Falcons season tickets. Best decision ever. Since Ian is too young to sit still or pay attention, he stays with my parents on game days. So, it's Noah, my husband and myself at the home games. ... It's amazing seeing how much of a fan Noah is. We were at Publix the day of the Falcons/Saints game and everyone Noah would see that was wearing Falcons apparel we had to stop and talk to. It was hilarious. People are always surprised by how much football he knows. For Christmas, he asked for a Falcons football field in his backyard. That was all he wanted! For the second year in a row it was a Falcons Christmas! He got Falcons bedding, Matt Ryan Fathead, an Atlanta Falcons Cheerleader Calendar, Matt Ryan and Michael Turner figurines and of course the paint for his Falcons field." * Carla McClendon, Section 333: "Our proudest moment of the season has to be the Tampa Bay game. The Bucs are driving down the field and look like they may score the go-ahead touchdown. The entire section is up screaming at the top of our lungs, beating the chairs, making as much noise as we possibly could. The defense holds and now it's fourth down. (Tampa Bay head coach Raheem) Morris goes for it. That makes us even louder because we know this is a game we have to win. We get even louder than we were before and (running back LeGarrette) Blount is stuffed. The energy was amazing!!! We were all hugging and high-fiving each other. We have truly become a family over the past three years and look forward to seeing each other every home game." * Brad Story, Section 134: "I've been a fan my entire life, which isn't long seeing as I'm only 33 but still, being able to go to the games and being able to share that with my dad is like a dream come true. I got chills during the pregame for the Saints game because the atmosphere was so electric."

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