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Mock Monitor: 2.0


In the debut edition of the 2012 Mock Monitor last week, we saw the tight end position overwhelmingly represented as the Falcons' second-round selection among the Internet mock drafts we sampled. While Stanford Coby Fleener still holds the consensus pick in this week's Mock Monitor, we've started to see a bit of a shift in picks.

This is not uncommon. If you followed the Mock Monitor last offseason, you'll remember that the list was constantly changing. We'll see much more change as the offseason progresses through the Combine and free agency, leading up to the 2012 NFL Draft.

For now, however, the popular picks tend to be tight ends, but several mocks have begun to associate cornerback prospect names with the Falcons at No. 55 overall. West Virginia's Keith Tandy and Vanderbilt's Casey Hayward both debut on the Monitor this week, while Virginia Tech's Jayron Holsey becomes absent.

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Perhaps most interesting are the new projections of running back being the Falcons' position of choice in the second round — specifically Virginia Tech's David Wilson.

Wilson was selected by two mocks in our sample this week for the Falcons, an interesting name considering who the Falcons currently have on the roster at the RB position.

Wilson exploded on the college scene during his junior season in 2011, carrying the ball 290 times for 1,709 yards and nine touchdowns. Wilson also caught 22 passes for 129 yards and a TD.

Known for his quickness, Wilson routinely catches rabbits as a way to prove his speed. No, really. He does.

Here are more videos from Wilson:

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