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Mbu Participates in Falcons' Writing Contest

The Falcons announced through the month of February they would be hosting a writing contest for Black History Month. The contest encourages students from the ages of 13-18 throughout the state of Georgia to write an original essay or poem to one of three specific questions.

A few players on Atlanta's roster wanted to provide their input, and throughout the month of February, their essays will be posted.

Today's featured player essay comes from NT Joey Mbu:

Question: What does Black History Month mean to you and why is it important?

Answer: "Black History Month is a time for us to recognize and reflect on all the great heroic actions the people that came before us did, that have paved the way for African Americans and how we live today. This time is a blessing to celebrate our history and throughout the whole month of February we have a chance to learn more and more about the impact these leaders have made in this country."    

Question: Give one word that characterizes Black History Month and why does that specific word come to mind?

Answer: "Diligence. I say that because the whole month is based on the persistent pursuit to elevate the African American culture as we know it today. Everyone knows what happened during that racial time period and how much of a struggle it was for our people to live their everyday lives. With us as African Americans being able to  have our own month is vital and it shows the importance of the stance we took to have equal rights in America."

Question: Which historical African American figure do you admire and why?

Answer: "John Carlos and Tommy Smith. They would be my favorite because they displayed the measure that we would take to become well respected group of people. For them to do what they did on a world stage during the 1968 Mexico City Olympics took courage and also showed that you can do anything once you put your mind to it. I am sure they were a positive influence to not only other athletes but to African Americans all over the world living their everyday life."

Question: If you could be one historical African American figure who would it be and why?

Answer:"Barack Obama. He defied all the odds in becoming the first an African American president. Growing up, I can remember jokes with friends talking about what America would be like with an African American president.  I thought I would never see it in my lifetime. Being president in itself isn't an easy job so for him to be doing as good of a job as he is,it adds to the positive perception the African American culture holds today."

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