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MB Stadium: Less Than You May Think

Mercedes-Benz Stadium will be one of the most spectacular sports and entertainment venues in the world with a fan experience that will be unparalleled. That dedication to the fan and the fan experience at Atlanta Falcons games was an important factor when it came to the decision to use seat licenses. The Falcons are one of 18 NFL teams that sell or have sold a form of a seat license for funding either new stadium construction or a renovation of an existing stadium.

The seat license concept was born out of the college sports donation program, however, seat licenses offer more benefits and flexibility than the college donation program. They give fans ownership and flexibility to transfer their seats outside of their immediate family – to date, Falcons fans have not had the ability to do that. Owners will also be able to re-sell their ownership rights to their seats on the open market instead of simply not renewing their season tickets and having no ability to recoup any money they had spent on tickets over the years. In addition, seat license holders will get priority access to purchasing tickets to a number of Mercedes-Benz Stadium's biggest sports and entertainment events ahead of the general public.

The right to ownership of seats in the stadium has also signified the beginning of a new legacy and tradition for families. Fans have the opportunity to make memories now and to continue passing down the family legacy of Atlanta Falcons fandom to future generations.

Senior Vice President and Chief Revenue Officer – Business Operations Michael Drake explains, "As (seat license holders) grow older and as their kids grow older and come back from college and set up roots here in Atlanta and begin to grow their own family the parents will often pass down the rights to their seats to their children so that they can carry on the family legacy and tradition."

"We want families to make Sundays at Mercedes-Benz Stadium in downtown Atlanta their new tradition for the next 30 years."

Seat ownership and all the benefits that come with a seat license cost less than you may think at Mercedes-Benz Stadium because the pricing structure for seat licenses has been designed with flexibility in mind. For example, pricing starts at just $50 down. On top of that, there are 12,674 seats priced at $75 down or less, which represents nearly a quarter of the sellable non-club seating, and the average cost for these seats is only $68 per game. In addition, the ticket price has been locked for fans through the first three seasons. Historically, new stadiums such as those in Dallas and New York have not increased ticket prices once the committed time period ends.

"There are many different pricing options, there are flexible payment plans where fans can pay for their PSLs over 10 years with a very minimal amount down and there are premium amenities on all levels of the stadium," Senior Director, Ticket Sales at Legends Global Sales for Mercedes-Benz Stadium Dustin Vicari said. "Families of any size, and any individual, can afford seating in our building."

With the launch of the online sales platform this month there are now more ways to evaluate seating options and purchase seats. These include over the phone, online and at the construction site during a tour. Staff members are available Monday-Saturday. Construction site tours must be booked directly by phone at 678-686-4400, Option 1 and are usually available on Thursday afternoons. Fans also now have the option to select and purchase their seat licenses online through our Virtual Seating Map found at

Every section and seat will have access to the stadium's fan-first food and beverage pricing along with several other premium amenities, such as fast, reliable WiFi and over 2,000 video displays so fans can stay connected to the action on the field no matter where they are in the stadium. The stadium's wider concourses, retractable roof and Window to the City – a floor-to-ceiling window wrapped in ETFE fabric on the northeastern façade – will help create a more open feel throughout the venue. With more legroom in each row and 95 percent of the seats measuring two inches wider than those currently in the Georgia Dome, the in-seat experience has been elevated to an entirely new level.

Now that the Atlanta Falcons are just one season away from playing in their new home at Mercedes-Benz Stadium, fan appetite is high with over 60 sections currently sold out and many more with fewer than 30 seats remaining. As fans continue to learn more about the low costs, incredible energy and one-of-kind experience they will have at Mercedes-Benz Stadium, seating availability will go quickly and time is running out to be there when those doors open in 2017.

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