Matt Ryan Praises Dominique Davis


Matt Ryan and rookie quarterback Dominique Davis were teammates during Ryan's senior season at Boston College. Ryan sees a lot of what he saw in the young QB then that he sees now.

Davis eventually transferred to East Carolina University to finish up his college career and was signed as a college free agent following the draft. The early scouting report on Davis is that he has a gun for an arm and has a little more mobility than some of the other quarterbacks on Atlanta's roster.

Just like he did when Davis was a freshman backing up Ryan, the young quarterback comes to learn every day.

"One thing I was impressed with even (in college) is he keeps his head down and works hard," Ryan said. "When he gets his shot, just like in college, he takes full advantage of it. He's got a strong arm and has had that arm since he came to school.

Ryan said he used to outweigh the young Davis, but in the five years since they were last teammates, Davis has filled out considerably.

"Now I think he's got about 10-15 pounds on him, which is crazy to see, but he's doing really well," Ryan said.

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