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Matt Ryan In-Game Interview



QB Matt Ryan on how it felt to get out there in live action:**

"It felt good to finally go and finally play against someone else in a game type atmosphere too, with the game speed and pass rush and everything like that. Offensively we did a nice job on the first drive, ran the ball really well. Second drive, we went into a bit of no-huddle, made some mistakes but at the same time we're pretty good on third down, which is a positive thing. So, all in all I think it's been a pretty good night."

Ryan on how it feels to have RB Michael Turner back:

"I thought Mike did a great job. He had the injury last year and worked really hard this offseason so it was nice to see him get out there and run the ball a little bit. I thought he did an awesome job and our offensive line did great."


On how they are going to work during the week and prepare for New England: **

"Just continuing to improve. I think first and second down we can be better than we were tonight. If we work on that this week, hopefully next week we can come out and be a little more productive."

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