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Maryland WR Feels The Twitter Love

4d80c5e5b6973d8f53010000.jpg's Jay Adams discusses a recent tweet by Maryland wide receiver Torrey Smith and how his interaction with fans has caused him to name a couple of favorite teams — the Falcons being one of them.

Social media outlets like Facebook and Twitter have certainly changed the way we find out information in the NFL. Instead of information being filtered through the media, we are now able to hear things right from the people involved.

Can you imagine if Twitter was around back in the day and Dick Butkus, Terry Bradshaw or Ray Nitschke were asked to tweet? Of course, you can't. You'd ask, they'd give you a puzzled look and then they'd eat you. That's just a rumor, but I'm pretty sure it's true.

Nowadays, however, it's not far-fetched to imagine a guy like, say, Maryland wide receiver and 2011 draft candidate Torrey Smith tweeting his feelings about where he might end up in a few short weeks.

It's not hard to imagine because he did. Oh, yes. He did.

Last week, Smith — who appears to be extremely active on Twitter, either updating fans on what he's doing or providing tips on how not to break manlaw — tweeted four teams he can see himself playing for. The Falcons were one of those teams mentioned.

Here's his tweet:

See that? A little Twitter love and suddenly one of the best wide receivers available in the draft wants to play for your team.

Technology is a wonderful thing. Until the robots take over. But that's another blog post.

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