Madden Madness


With March Madness approaching quickly, we'll soon be inundated with brackets upon brackets upon brackets. There's one bracket in particular, however, that Falcons fans should pay close attention to beginning today.

Matt Ryan and Julio Jones are both in the play-in round of the EA SPORTS Madden NFL 13 Cover Vote bracket, and your votes will determine whether they move on to the 32-man bracket or not. From the 32-man bracket, fans will continue to vote all the way down to the end when one player will be chosen to be the Madden NFL 13 cover athlete.

Last year, Cleveland Browns running back Peyton Hillis became the unlikely winner of the honor thanks to the support from Browns fans, and with the support of Falcons fans, we know we can get Ryan or Jones on the cover of the ultra-popular video game this year.

More than 13 million votes were registered in last year's vote.

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